Friday, February 17, 2012

Do Not Feed Friday After Midnight

3 day weekend here! Always nice to get an extra break.

Market Observations
Today was option expiration and as usual it was a tight range day. I will cover market strategy closer to next week. Markets are closed on Monday for Presidents Day.

I made a rookie dumb mistake today with my position in AREX. Last week the stock touched over $38 and promptly pulled back. From the chart and the buy volume I expected to get another shot over $38 and that would be my target area and result in a 10% gain. The stock ramped up at the open today and was well over $38. I had meetings scheduled for almost the entire day and I figured I could grab the sale later on in the day when I could watch the tape a little. Never even came close again. An ugly session leaves AREX at $36.66 (CREEPY!) and not only did I miss my sale but that was a nasty reversal day. I could have set a stop at $38 and went off to meetings, but I did not. It was sloppy and poorly done. If I get something out of this trade it will be in spite of my trading it, not because of it.

Friday Night Entertainment
No Emmy nomination yet, but I think one will be coming soon.....

Alone in the Shadow of Robot Dominion Over Man, My Voice Still Cries Out
I get the feeling that my coverage of robots and the chance (90% and rising) that said robots will turn on the human race is a running gag here to many readers. It's NOT! I am serious, and don't call me Shirley!

Well hot off the presses via Extreme Tech is the announcement of a new military program modeled after the "Avatar" line of thought! Here you go:
DARPA reveals Avatar program, robot soldiers incoming
A snippet:
In the words of DARPA itself, the Avatar program will work on “interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bipedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier’s surrogate.” In other words, DARPA wants to develop the walking equivalent of an unarmed aerial vehicle; a bipedal robot drone where the controlling soldier is hundreds or thousands of miles away from war front.
Unarmed, LOL too funny.

Here is Boston Dynamics "PETMAN", we are doomed:

But keep laughing.

Image Candy
Some fun stuff to gander at.

Napoleon might have won at Waterloo with this as his trusted steed: funny pictures history - MY RIDE
see more Historic LOL

Wait, bears don't do their thing in the woods?:
demotivational posters - SO NOW YOU KNOW
see more Very Demotivational

Film Clips
Some films for consideration.

Maybe one of my all time favorite scenes is from "Matrix: Revolutions" when Trinity (not @TXSSwingtrader Julie!) and the crew battle to get Neo back.
"Your really ready to die for this man?"

"If she has to she will kill every one of us".

Not a movie, but the last best chance for TV was "The Highlander" series. Skip to the 40:35 mark in this clip of "Homeland" and watch to end. If you are not impressed, I don't know what to say:


Rock Blogging
Songs for the soul to set you free.

Need a ripper to get started, so a little Lenny Kravitz and "Are You Gonna Go My Way" is in order. Excellent!:


My man on Twitter and 12631, @PjDempsey, was looking for some live Pearl Jam and this is a nice video of "Black":


I thought The Interloper might have been messing with me but after hearing Uncle Tupelo and the song "Moonshiner" I am glad I heard it:

Harmonica always gets me. Thanks.

Via Twitter and @CapCube here is The Clash and "I fought the Law":

Two songs left!

I need some Rage Against the Machine and "Renegades of Funk" will do nicely. Turn this up:

Last call!

My friend, formerly Trader Mark, has a new gig over at Market Montage and he did a AWESOME 80's tune play set of 80's rock last night. My counter is the great band Cinderella and "Somebody Save Me" and live is the only way:


Have a good night.


Julie said...

Thank you my friend! Great Trinity clip! She says it all without saying a word.

TraderMark said...

Pearl Jam overshadowed by Nirvana - loved em. Black = awesome haunting song.

GawainsGhost said...

I saw Matrix when it first came out. This friend of mine kept telling me how complicated the plot was, so I went. About 30 minutes into the film, I realized it was simply a high-tech retelling of the Gnostic heresy.

The Gnostics argued that God, Jehovah or Elohim, was a tryant who imprisoned the Eternals in the dungeon of this world. They believed that the Creation was an act of evil, that matter is a prison. And that inside each being is a divine spark, the freeing of which, the shedding of the material world, requires a special knowledge known as gnosis.

They did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. Rather they referred to him as an aeon, sent by the Eternals to liberate Man from the tyranny of the material world. Drop the a, invert the letters, and you get Neo.

I found the movie quite boring actually, and I did not watch the sequels. But it is a fascinating part of history, the Gnostics. They kept spredding these faux gospels, like the Gospel of Timothy for example. It was cartoon Chrisianity. That's the reason why the Church canonized the Bible in 383 AD, and why St. Jerome translated the Old Testament, which was originally written in Aramaic, and the New Testament, which was originally written in Coptic Greek, into Latin. And thus the Catholic Bible came to be. But it was St. Augustine who discredited the Gnostics.

Over a thousand years later, King James ordered a new translation. But those scholars didn't have access to the original manuscripts, merely copies of copies of copies. That's why there are several books missing in the King James Bible that are in the Catholic Bible.

They had this test, back in the day, called roots and fruits. If the text could not be traced back to one of the Apostles, it did not pass the test of roots. If the text did not reveal the gospel, which means good news, of Jesus, it did not pass the test of fruits.

Sorry to get all religious on you, GYC. But I've spent a great deal of time studying this subject. One of my grandmothers was Nola Tyndale, a direct descendant of William Tyndale, who was the first person to translate the New Testament into English. Believe me, I've heard the stories.

My other grandmother was a devout Catholic. That made for some interesting conversations over holidays.

You cannot study English literature, from Beowulf through Chaucer to Shakespeare, and beyond, without knowing the Bible. The allusions are all there.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Jewels, so glad you stopped in!

Mark, agree, Nirvana was not the end all of bands and many went without notice due to them. Thanks for reading.

Gawains, no apologies, you know I gobble up your comments, always so amazing.

Refinance Mortgage Rates said...

Nirvana came to fame & on main stream charts with their hit single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" before that they were just an ordinary band like others.