Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mourning

Well I don't usually like Monday's anyway.

New York Giants Win the Superbowl
Another win by the G-men. The Patriots had many chances to put this game away, but never could. Up 17-9, 17-12, and 17-15 the offense did not generate any sustained drives or points. The Giants executed better and it's over. It's a hard thing, Patriots have been playoff disappointments for years now and another tough loss.

Monday Mourning
I am still a bit off from last night, good thing I took today as a vacation day. As such, going to get some work done tonight on charts and screening so you get a linkfest.

Robert Sinn (The Stock Sage) wonders:
Why Isn’t the Market More Worried About Iran?
I agree with his 3 points on this.

My friend Mark of The Illusion of Prosperity covers Net Worth to Wages Ratio and uses some technical analysis to boot!

I can take a break from the markets anytime and not be behind. Why? Because I check out iBC's ChessNwine and the 5 minute market recap and I am good to go:
Stock #Market Recap 02/06/12

Market Anthropology has some new market analogs to look at, so check them out:
The Illusion of Strength

Macro Man thinks Portugal worries may be on hold for a while should Greece get their act together:
Death by x-axis

The bizarre and sad tale of FedEX flight 705 via Damn Interesting:
Aches on a Plane

My man Paul of No Excuses BBQ does Moinks and wings for the Superbowl and invents the MOINKroissandwich:
And the Winner Is…

Have a good night.


Stagflationary Mark said...

First off, thanks for the plug.

The Patriots had many chances to put this game away, but never could.

I'd blame the Patriot Act, but then again I'm probably a bit biased.

EconomicDisconnect said...

LOL, plenty of blame to go around, Ugh. trying to shake it off.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Sorry about your Pats loss. Hope the sting is wearing off a little.

EconomicDisconnect said...

JH, a little bit. Staying away from sports articles or sports shows is helping.