Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Always Closes "At the Highs"

Another week in the books! Had a great Friday and it's weekend time. Daytona 500 is on Sunday, maybe Kevin Harvick can pull off another one?

Market Observations
I don't like that oil is over $100 a barrel. There is a lag until it hits gas prices. I think oil is higher for poor reasons (Mid East tensions, pick any other) so maybe it will not last. That's about the only bad thing I see right now. Next week should be indicative of market direction for the next few weeks so I will be ready with a new watch list for Monday. I have only one open long (BANR, looks ugly after today!) so I have plenty of cash to put to work.

I don't mention my long term account much for a variety of reasons, but it's hard not to share that Sony (SNE) is up about 20% since I highlighted the double bottom around $18 in early January. It has run very hard and very high and I will have to decide next week if that's all it has left.

Friday Night Entertainment
The financial blogosphere's best (and only) Friday night party line. Multiple chat lines are allowed.

My good friend David Batista found a real gem and had it up yesterday. I cannot believe I had never seen this clip, as huge a fan of the Conan film that I am. Here is "Conan the Barbarian: The Musical":

Instant classic! Thanks David.

Hard to top that one, but here I will try to keep up.

Pictures; It's Just Easier
No pop up books, but images.

I am a HUGE wildlife supporter but this is just too funny (The WWF used to be a Professional Wrestling league but lost out to the World Wildlife Fund):
epic win photos - WIN!: WWF WIN
see more epicfails

photobomb that guy - Can I Has Photobomb?
see more This is Photobomb
@TA_Trader will like that one.

Film Clips
A couple ideas for your weekend rentals or streams.

"The Wrestler" is a tough movie and one that I think all should see. Not only does Mickey Rourke give a performance of a life time, the story is so painful and real that it can hurt. A lighter clip finally made it's way to YouTube, but of course I can not embed it. As the lead characters rock out to Ratt and "Round and Round" both explain the crap 90's grunge music in perfect clarity:
Click for Video
"Like there's something wrong with wanting to have a good time!"

The great Dustin Hoffman may never have been better than in "Kramer vs. Kramer" and paired with timeless Meryl Streep it's a classic. Here is the French Toast scene:

This scene makes me laugh and want to cry.

Rock Blogging
Some tunes for the people, they are still free as of now.

My friend Andrew Nyquist just had his birthday! Besides founding See It Market and being a great market operator, he likes good music! Here is a sick as all get out version of Bush playing "Machine Head":

@andrewnyquist on Twitter

Via Twitter @gtlackey was looking for some Jane's Addiction with "Mountain Song" and that works:


How about some Kenny Wayne Shepherd? Try out "Never Lookin' Back" and check that baseline:

Just heard that for first time today!

Via Twitter @Andi_Hammer was looking for some Mishka and "Above the Bones" and this tune is pretty good:

Last two!

Market anti-theme? Iron Maiden does it with "Be Quick or Be Dead":

Last call!

Close the show with (I know have had it on before!) Big Wreck and "That Song":


Have a good night.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Big Wreck! A band you just don't hear about anymore, which is a shame.
And dig the WWF image.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Thanks Alex!

TraderMark said...


David Batista said...

Yup, I had to watch the Conan clip yet again. I swear I simply can't get enough of that damn thing. It's got me good! :)

Good weekend to you too, my friend. Hope your pick some winners for next week's markets.

Andy said...

Totally Rocked! Nice work bro.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Pugs rule Mark!

David, sorry to take that one from your site, but it's just an instant classic!

Thanks Andrew, keep up your good work as well.

Anonymous said...

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