Friday, February 3, 2012

Get Friday Night Now or be Priced Out Forever

Well, it's just 2 sleeps and maybe a nap from the Superbowl. The NFL experts are running about 70% in picking the Giants to win. I am already getting nervous. This is the Big Show.

Market Observations
Today was not the kind of panic buying I have seen after big market routs like the ones over the summer and in November. Still, it was pretty aggressive buying of anything not nailed down. Miss earnings? Go up 10%. Chinese burrito with accounting questions? Why not a 20% ride higher? Short squeezes are all the calls, but you have to explain to me who stays short losing massive %'s? Either the short thesis is wrong or the shorts are short from much higher prices.

In any case, no need to recap my stocks, everything was up. AREX and WTS worked well and BANR finally struggled past the $20 mark. I held all three going into the weekend and that may end up being a bad idea. We shall see. Sentiment is running very hot and it would be best for staying constructive to cool off the jets next week.

Friday Night Entertainment
I am sure most will be very happy tonight anyway, but here is my contribution going into the weekend.

Lake Vostok to be Tapped?
I have mentioned the sub glacial Lake Vostok many times here on the blog. It seems the time has come to actually get down there and really take a look at the underground ocean:
Lake Vostok, Antarctica's Largest Subglacial Body Of Water, Soon To Be Explored
Again, the ultra oxygen environment the lake is in will have pressed any life forms in the water to have new and unknown antioxidative protections systems to be able to survive. Oxidative damage is a huge part of many health problems. I know there are risks to doing this, but the potential discovery outweighs that risk in my mind. Besides, we can trust Russian scientists to be careful right........?

I am not 100% sure this is actually meant for facial exercises but I guess I could be wrong (via Geekologie):
Another Day, Another Stupid Japanese Face Exerciser:

Image Fun
Scanning the best picture sites for the best, well, pictures.

"I am Your Father" from long ago:
funny pictures history - I'll NEVER Join You!!!
see more Historic LOL

"What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss before an unmasking?":
demotivational posters - THE NEWEST MEMBER
see more Very Demotivational

Rock Blogging
Right to the tunes!

A great voice of experience, and a great person to learn from is my buddy on Twitter @JackHBarnes. His request was for Sammy Hagar and "I Can't Drive 55" which is an issue for any Porsche driver:


My friend from Canadia, @TSXSwingtrader , both fears US invasion of her homeland and knows good tunes. Try out Hedley and "Don't Talk to Strangers":


Had this up a while ago, but heard it on the radio. Try out some Finger Eleven with "Paralyzer":

"And if your body matches what your eyes can do" I like that!

You don't have a "Fear of the Dark" do you? Via Iron Maiden:

My man Julian Hebron was showing me some really old school Black Eyed Peas. Not my kind of music, but it's a throwback with, well I don't know what it's called:


I need Van Halen's "Atomic Punk":

I feel better.

Last song! Grab a girl, a beer, or what's close by!

Closing with The Who and "Behind Blue Eyes":

Love it.

Have a good night.


The Basis Point said...

Dude ... I picked it specifically for the title! 'Get Original.' Dedicated to Zuckerberg for his IPO. People can hate him like they hate Black Eyed Peas now for being ripoff artists, but that's simply untrue. Even if they're ubiquitous now, they're both innovators.

Jurassic 5's Chali 2na has an epic guest verse at 2:10.

Happy friday brother....

The Basis Point said...

also ... I Can't Drive 55 is SO awesome. haven't heard that in ages.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Sory I got mixed up!

farmland investing said...

As someone who worked for many years for the UK gov't, I will tell you this: Do not underestimate yhe capabilities of Russian scientists! The country's political and economic system has some serious flaws, but in the basic sciences it it as strong as anyone in the world.

GawainsGhost said...

Well, I'll take the Giants in the Super Bowl. Team, division, conference, that's how I roll.

But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Patriots won. Not that it matters to me. I mean, the Cowboys aren't playing, so I really don't care.

I will say this though. Defense wins championships. It's an old saying, but it's true. The NFL is, always has been and always will be a defensive league.

I think New York has the better defense. But I wouldn't discount Belichick and Brady. It's going to be a game.

Also, did you know that only two quarterbacks have ever won four Super Bowls? Bradshaw and Montana.

Staubach played in four, but lost two. Kelly played in four, but lost all of them.

Brady is the only quarterback to play in five Super Bowls. So I think he'll be motivated.

GawainsGhost said...

Actually, come to think of it, John Elway played in five Super Bowls, lost three, won two.

Tom Brady has played in four, won three, lost one. This will be his fifth.

But my thing is this. No one man ever won a football game. There are ten other men on the field who all have to do their jobs for the quarterback to be successful. The line doesn't block, receivers don't run the right routes, the running back can't generate yards, there's not much the quarterback can do. I don't care who he is.

Of course, it goes without saying that some quarterbacks elevate the play of the men around them. That's a rare quality.

It's interesting though that all multiple championship teams had a coach-quarterback connection. Lombardi-Starr, Knoll-Bradshaw, Landry-Staubach, Walsh-Montana, Johnson-Aikman, Shanahan-Elway, Belichick-Brady.

The last two are on the verge of accomplishing something remarkable. The only quarterbacks to win four Super Bowls are Bradshaw and Montana. Brady will be in elite company if he can win tomorrow.

Still, I'll take the Giants. They do have the better defense. But it is going to be a game.

Casey L. Conley said...

Haha, face "exercises"...for...? Lol
very interesting Lake! Great Friday fun!

GawainsGhost said...

I never heard of Lake Vostok, but it wouldn't surpise me in the least if some form of life was found there. I mean, they've found bacteria on the rims of undersea volcanoes, and on the coils of nuclear reactors. There's even a bacteria that metabolizes sulfur.

Life exists everywhere it is possible for life to exist. It's just that some places are less habitable than others.

I'll tell you what they won't find though, any form of photosynthetic life. 20 million years without sunlight, are you kidding me? They won't find any fish either. Absent algae or some other food source, complex life forms cannot exist.

But there might be some kind of weird bacteria. I doubt it, but it wouldn't surprise me.