Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Weekend is almost here! Saturday night we get to baby-sit our friends younger son. He is a chess addict and pretty good so I will have my hands full. If only he wanted to watch fights on YouTube!

Tomorrow is Friday Night, so get requests in via comments, email, or Twitter.

New England Patriots Making the News
Huge day for the New England Patriots! In the morning they secured defensive end Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins for a 2013 5th round draft choice!! IF this guy gets in shape and Coach Bill designs some wild looks to free him up, this is going to be HUGE!

Add to the mix, Chad "Ocho Cinco" will be coming to town. I think he still has something left, and paired with Tom Brady and a full crew of good receivers, this could also be a difference maker. Much more later on closer to NFL season.

Thursday Thoughts
A few ideas and thoughts I had today.

-If the FED sold half of the US gold reserves to pay short term bills, what would happen with the dollar?
-One may think the UK sold all theirs and nothing happened, but it's not even near the same. Or is it?
-If the VIXX can only go down (after a spike) and you can short it, how come every single big money player and bank is not shorting VIXX tonight to the tune of 4 trillion dollars? This trade can never lose, right? Where is it?
-Is Sunday night going to be the "CONgress saved us!" moment? It better be.
-Will Kevin Harvick win again at the Brickyard this Sunday?
-Can the world really end if the US skips a debt payment?
-Will Americans vote out the entire senate and house next election?
-Can interest rates really rise in the next 3 years? Really?
-Albert Einstein once said: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." Will WW3 be fought over oil or water?
-Did you know that the word is "unicorn" because the Latin root for horn is "cornus"? That's why it is not "unihorn".
--Bearish sentiment is highest in 3 months yet everyone I read and know are chomping at the bit to buy. Another market indicator that has become a simulacrum.
-Is copper the same tell on the economy/markets it used to be?
-If it is not, it is for the same reason sentiment is not, a gamed indicator now. Thoughts?
-Is the best show on Twitter Josh Brown answering any and all questions while on a train surrounded by mcnugget gobblers?
-Why do I get physically ill if I drink even a sip of non-diet soda?
-Do I drink more diet soda or beer?
-I have found 16 pre-1965 silver quarters in the last 10 years in my change and not one dime. WHO HAS ALL THE DIMES?
-When we moved into our new home when I was a kid (crappy duplex in south Lowell) the previous owners left an entire set of encyclopedias. My mom found 23 $100 bills, one stashed in each book of the lot. Do you ever forget where you put money?
-What are you thinking about tonight?

Have a good night.


Jennifer Hillier said...

That's a whole lotta thoughts for one day!

I don't know who has your times, but I'm fascinated by your $100 bills in the encyclopedias story. *story idea brewing*

EconomicDisconnect said...

It was amazing and more money than my parents ever saw at once. Bizarre.

Watchtower said...

"Is copper the same tell on the economy/markets it used to be?"

That is a question I have been thinking of here lately.
It sure doesn't seem like 'Dr Copper' is telling the truth to me.
The main street economy is flat to deflating around here in my neck of the woods, but Dr Copper would have you believe everything is coming up roses.

Jennifer I finished your book yesterday and while I'm no critic I thought it was really good.
Let me add this, I started Stephen King's book 'Cell' and couldn't finish it because of a lack of interest.
Also couldn't finish Michael Crichton's 'Prey' for the same reason.
Now I won't lie to you, I admit that I would have soldiered on and read your book even if I didn't like it just because you come here and visit GYSC's site on a regular basis.
But...your book was an enjoyable read and I really do look forward to your next one.
I will have to say that (spoiler alert!) all the sex in it caught me off guard somewhat, lol.

EconomicDisconnect said...

In the past copper was a great gauge of economic actvity because of the uses it is favored for; construction/wiring, etc. Now we KNOW use f copper is way down from highs but copper holds strong. Useless indicator macro wise because now it is a trading vehicle, not a commodity. Just my 2 cents.

I was caught off balance by all the sex stuff because I am married for 7 years, BOOM! I will be here all week, thank you.

Jennifer Hillier said...

My comment was supposed to say DIMES, not TIMES. Sorry if that confused anyone! It's been a typo kind of day.

Watchtower, I am SO GLAD you didn't hate my book! LOL. As for the sex stuff, well, uh, I... well, I... yeah, I have no explanation for it. It drives the conflict of the story so... you know... I'm a nice girl, I swear... *bright red, slinking away now*

Small Business said...

Have a great weekend.

GawainsGhost said...

Is copper the same tell on the economy/markets it used to be? Only if you're talking about theft.

I've been in houses that had their walls torn up and the wiring removed. Hell, some thieves shut down an entire electric grid a couple of days ago. That story was on Drudge.

Of course, it's not the crime--that's easy to get away with. It's the fencing. Who are you going to sell the stolen copper to? And what do you expect to get for it?

This is madness. Home building has slowed to a crawl, so I don't see how there is very much demand for copper wiring, unless it's in other countries.

By the way, do you know why policemen are called cops? Because back in the day they wore copper badges. Not any more.

Budd said...

The $100s were rewards for inquisitive minds.

GawainsGhost said...

This is what I'm talking about, copper theft. Now it's threatening to shut down schools!

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