Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night

I ran out of time today! Went fishing on the kayak this morning at 6am. Caught a bunch of little smallmouth, nothing worth taking a picture of.

I have my follow up doctor appointment tomorrow, everything feels really good. That was a rough span of 2-3 weeks. I am dumb for not going to the doctor earlier.

Did a bunch of homework tonight. Best ideas for the coming week:
-I hold GFIG from last Friday.

I used the PPT Hybrid scores on my other charts (CSU, WM) so I cannot include them here. Here is the chart for NI that I was looking at tonight:
The big volume spike may push NI over the topping price of $20.50. Of course it could get turned back like before as well. If you are feeling froggy, then LEAP!

Shipped out all "Creep" book winners on Saturday morning. I used priority mail so the books should arrive by Wednesday. Let me know when they show up.

That's about it, sound off in the comments if you have something to say.

Have a good night.


Jennifer Hillier said...

You're not dumb, you're a dude, and for some reason, dudes hate going to the doctor! My husband is the same way.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Mine's been pretty uneventful, but after all the excitement, that was a welcome thing.

THANK YOU AGAIN for doing that contest. Super ultra cool of you. :)

EconomicDisconnect said...

Hey JH,
Yes after your whirlwind tour you needed a break! I still have 2 books left, maybe we could do one of those geo-cache things and have people look for them in Boston, lol.

I was just scared of the doctor, always think the worst. Should be good to go now.

Driving Under Influence said...

Should've been a nice fishing trip GYSC ins't it?

Can you some details about your fishing trip?

GawainsGhost said...

You went fishing on antibiotics without beer? No wonder you didn't catch anything of note.

I too hate going to doctors. Although I will admit they did save my life once. But that was in an emergency room at a hospital.

Look. I used to be a school teacher, and let me tell you something. Kids are little germ factories. Every year, two or three times a year, I came home with some cold or flu that was going around.

Meh, take a day off, eat some Tylenol, drink some Nyquil, it goes away.

Once though I got this horrible ear infection. The ringing, the pain, it really messes with you, affects your balance so that you can't even walk straight. I had to go to the doctor for that.

Sometimes you need a doctor. Most times you don't.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...


Been a while since I left a comment. I want to wish you a speedy recovery and strongly caution investing in the coming series of world events.


PS: "I ve seen things you people wouldn't believe..."

Watchtower said...

Hey G!
How have you been doing?

EconomicDisconnect said...

Lt G sir!! So great to hear from you! Drop me an email if you can. How have you been, you a general yet? Great Bladerunner line, I would love to know what you have been seeing. Take care my friend and be safe.

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