Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Asked and Answered

We are in a major heat wave up here in Massachusetts. Looks to be over 100 degrees tomorrow then add in humidity. I like the heat but this is going to be a little too much. Stay cool!

Market Operations
Quiet day overall in the markets. Still holding GFIG, CSU, ASYS and the semiconductor play. Intel (INTC) beat earnings but the stock is falling this evening on last look. The semiconductor play is still alive as it is an overall rebound call on the entire sector, not just the big companies. We shall see.

Asked and Answered
From time to time I find it refreshing to get an outside opinion on things economic. For that I tend to interview my dog, Norman the Pug. His insights are highly valued and it never hurts to get a new pair of eyes (googly ones at that) to look at things.

Last May Norman granted an exclusive interview and after some convincing he has agreed to once again offer his wisdom to the world. What a dog.

Here we go!

GYSC: Hello again Pug, thanks for taking the time.
Pug: Hard up for material again huh? Geez all that tapping on keys has real benefits.
GYSC: Let's keep this civil, yes?
Pug: If you say so. Please begin, it's your milkbone.
GYSC: Last May you said that a Euro breakup was impossible, and yet here we are in July 2011 and Greece looks ready to fall. Thoughts?
Pug: Has Greece left the Euro?
Pug: So I was right. Not going to happen. I hope we have some new questions tonight.
GYSC: What is your take on Social Media and all the excitement over names like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Groupon?
Pug: Humans like to feel important; they like to feel that people give a hoot what they are up to. Social Media fills that need. All I need is some food and a blanket and I am good to go.
GYSC: What about the benefits of greater communication? Greater connectivity?
Pug: This from the guy that pretends he is on vacation if his mother calls! Communication, that's rich!
GYSC: Come on...
Pug: Ok, what you have is a creation that has resonated with people. What has really brought the excitement? All the talk about how great these things are, that's what. Add in the never ending drama over how much a social media issue will price over it's IPO offering and you have a combustible brew.
GYSC: What about a Groupon dog biscuit offering?
Pug: Well that may be ok.
GYSC: Fickle much?
Pug: Not since this morning.
GYSC: What? Nevermind. Lets move on.
Jessie the Cat: This is so boring!
Pug: No one is talking to you evil spirit!

GYSC: What about making money trading the market? With all the chop going on what advice do you have for the readers?
Pug: Compression.
GYSC: How do you mean?
Pug: Sentiment is all over the place, volume is way low, and a small number of "big"stocks tend to decide market direction. You have to compress your time frames down into smaller scales to capture trends if you are moving in and out. Longer term holders should just ignore the chop.
GYSC: Wow, that was a value added answer!
Pug: Better than what you do.
GYSC: And what is that?
Pug: I thought you were making a wig when you pulled all that hair out looking at computer screens with your stock losers, I mean picks up.
GYSC: Well that was that one time when that stock flashed crashed on me....
Pug: Excuses are like squeaky toys fool, everybody has a bin of them.

GYSC: Do any reading lately?
Pug: Well I did check out this book written by Twits or something:
GYSC: What did you think?
Pug: The biographies were interesting, yet no one mentioned having a pug.
GYSC: Well, I don't think that was the purpose of the book.
Pug: Well, you cannot trust a person without a dog, or if they just have a cat.
GYSC: How insightful, amazing really.
Pug: Thanks, the wisdom flows like waterfalls through the jungle or some crap.
GYSC: Nice. Ok, final question; Will the S&P 500 be higher in December than right now?
Pug: What is this, the price is right? Higher it will be, bet you a box of biscuits on it.
GYSC: How high?
Pug: Never give a time frame AND price silly man. I just said higher that's all. We have a bet?
GYSC: You are on like Donkey Kong!
Pug: Oh, someone save me....

Summer Dinner
Made lump charcoal grilled kielbasa tonight:
Sliced it up and mixed with rice pilaf, very good and a very summer dinner.

Have a good night.


Watchtower said...

Your employing the Pug's talent towards financial stuff???

Ask him to fine tune my fishing almanac for cryin' out loud!

: )

getyourselfconnected said...

The pug says to get some senkos already!!!!! Add sme Yozuri hybrid line and wait for overcast days and you are good to go.

Watchtower said...

The pug knows all!

Stagflationary Mark said...

Well, you cannot trust a person without a dog, or if they just have a cat.

What if they have a dog and a bird with a girlfriend and a cat and two horses?

Holy farm animals Batman! I am so @#$%ing trustworthy. ;)

At the very least, I swear that I am at least as trustworthy as Wells Fargo. I promise! And I'd be more than willing to sign a falsified document to prove it if need be.

getyourselfconnected said...

Way to stand up Mark! Two horses? I don't think I knew that, cool.

Stagflationary Mark said...


I just asked my dog what she thought about the future.

Amazing stuff!

She tilted her head sideways and then she gave me the anticipitory look that I have seen many times before.

She's so right. I was struck by the subtlety of her analysis. She wasn't really anticipating something good to happen (because I asked her a question, lol). It was just her way of reminding me that our financial system is based on handouts and "free lunch" treats.

I gave her a reward for such thoughtful insight and we shared a good laugh over the insanity of the situation we now find ourselves in.

I think this also explains the baby slug she managed to bring into the house last night. She was worried about government funding getting cut off for those less fortunate (since we apparently already spent the money to prop up the banking elite).

Dogs. They know their stuff! ;)

Small Business said...

Hey GYSC! I too have Jessie The Cat, what do you suggest I should ask'em?

Jennifer Hillier said...

Hilarious! Who know your dog was so funny? And such a smart ass! :)

GawainsGhost said...

You think it's hot up there? Try living down here.

When I was a kid, I actually fried an egg on the sidewalk once. I didn't eat it, of course, just wanted to see if it would fry.

My friends and I used to have slow races, barefoot, across the street. Last one there is the winner! The soles of our feet were so burned and calloused stickers couldn't penetrate them.

I remember Christmas Days when it was 95. But I don't consider that hot.

Try walking into a repossessed home with no electricity, no water and no air conditioning. It's like walking into an oven. The heat index is around 130. Now, spend an hour there.

When you walk out of a home drenching wet, when even your jeans are soaked, you'll know what hot is.

I have to carry bottled water with me everywhere I go, because, well, you know, I can't carry Jack Daniel's.