Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sports Saturday

The wife is looking for a new car.  We checked out the Nissan Juke and that thing is sick as all get out!  If it came with a V-6 option I would be interested, but the only engine is an inline-4 cylinder with a turbo charger.  What's funny too is Nissan underestimated how these new models would catch on, they have not made many!  Go long Nissan stock??

Joining Twitter
Ok, I have joined Twitter. You can see my feed on the right sidebar. It is a whole new world but it does seem cool. If any readers use Twitter and want to add me, my handle is GYSC16. Some fool stole GYSC, for real?

Sports Saturday
A few sports clips for hanging out on a Saturday night, again without beer due to antibiotics. Next Thursday cannot come FAST ENOUGH!

John Starks Dunks for the Win (1993)
Even though I am from Boston, I was in love with the early 1990's New York Knicks. The defense and attitude that team had went so far beyond what talent they lacked. Some of my favorite players were on that team; Ewing, Starks, Oakley and more. In the NBA playoffs against the hated Chicago Bulls, Starks goes for the big dunk to seal the win:

Yes I know the Knicks lost the series.

Marshawn Lynch Rumbles for the TD
Even though this was against my beloved New Orleans Saints in last years playoffs, this run is amazing:

Wow, make a tackle!

Cha-Cha Muldowney Beats Former Mentor Connie Kalitta for the US National Drag Racing Title
Big feud between the two ends with the lady winning it:

A pink dragster?

Ok, let me remember the New England Patriots in their finest game (blew it too early) vs. the Jets in week 12 2010:

We still got hammered in the playoffs, dang.

Have a good night.

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