Friday, January 21, 2011

This is THE Post that Will Change Your Investment Life

If you want to change how you invest so that the wife will act like a college girl again and the kids will not mind when you pick them up from school then reading this post is something you simply must do.

Kidding! I was just trying to get a catch all title, per Josh Brown's lesson!

Conference Title Weekend
I am still disgusted with football, but here are the quick picks for the Title games:
Chicago Bears 27, Green Bay Packers 24
New York Jets 21, Pittsburgh Steelers 16
Wow, I actually typed the Jets winning.....Ugh.

Open Market Operations
I will be working up some ideas for trades this weekend. As we got snowed in again today I should have plenty of time. I don't have too much to say for the weeks end, it was a muddled finish with no clear result. More this weekend.

Friday Night Entertainment
The best day of the week!

A Big Steel Keg Lands a New Home
Longtime readers know I am a total convert to lump charcoal cooking on my Big Steel Keg. This thing is the greatest cooker ever, IMO. There are tons of pictures on this site featuring the results of the cooking. One of my inspirations for the buy, as well as the place were I steal most of my tricks, is No Excuses BBQ. The author Zydecopaws is a great cook and he added a Big Steel Keg to his expansive cooking arsenal:
Bubba Ho-Keg Gets a Brother
He already had the first release, the Bubba Keg, but the newer version has many more features. Enjoy!
(No affiliation with InZone, the makers of the product, but would accept big money to plug the product.)

Coolness Corner
Things I thought were great this week:
The Knokkers Game (It is not what you think!)
Mark Visser surfing in Fiji at Midnight! This guy is crazy.

Did You Know?
Here is another set.

-Victor Gruen designed the first shopping mall and thus condemned Americans to a life of shopping? Thanks for that Vick!
-In 1956, a B-47 (SN: 52-534) that carried two cases (what?) of nuclear material was lost and no crash site was ever found?
-The domestic Cat is an obligate carnivore?
-Told you this would happen soon:

Fun with Images
Some funnies for the night.

See what the real recovery looks like?:
demotivational posters - DARTH VAGRANT
see more Very Demotivational

I have the new Batman film spoiler right here!:

Film Clips
Give a film a chance by renting it, streaming it, or whatever you do. I no longer am in NFLX so no conflict of interest!

Richard Dreyfuss somehow seems to show up in many of my most liked films. In the great flick "Let it Ride" he plays a small time gambler that goes on a hot streak and has fun the whole way:

Jennifer Tilly is in the film as well, so that maybe helps!

While not a great film, "Pink Cadillac" had both Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters. I have had a crush on Bernadette for some time and as soon as the restraining order is lifted I will let her know it! Anyways, check out an all time BURN at the 3:47-4:10 mark:


Rock Blogging
Running low on time so there will be only three songs!

I know I need to think about the summertime while buried under snow, so let's go with Eddie Cochran and "Summertime Blues", live even!:


This one goes out to Downtown Josh Brown of The Reformed Broker fame. Hip hop ain't not my thing, but here is Snow with "Informer" just for a change of pace:


Last call! Time to close the show.

I will go with Candlemass and "At the Gallows End" from the Nightfall album which rocks:

These guys were good, if a bit dark.

Have a good night.


Stagflationary Mark said...

"If you want to change how you invest so that the wife will act like a college girl again..."


Shortly after visiting your site my girlfriend came home. She had long hair and opted to have much of it "chopped off" today. When asked why she said, "There's going to be a fresh new start this year."

Your post is already working!! :)

getyourselfconnected said...

We want video Mark! Hee hee.

watchtower said...

"He pissed it all away!"

'Let It Ride' is one of my favorite flicks.

zydecopaws said...

Are you suggesting that your readers' investment futures are tied to my use of the new Big Steel Keg? I guess I better go outside and cook something then...

Seriously, thanks for the shout out.

getyourselfconnected said...

I love that film too. Few people have ever seen it though.

No problem. I stop in every day to see the great things you put together. Can't wait for this snow to be over!