Sunday, January 16, 2011

New York Jets Will Win the Superbowl

Out muscled, out hustled, out played, physically dominated, totally beat, embarrassed, you name it the New York Jets did it to the New England Patriots. The Jets will win the Superbowl because teams cannot get passed playing the Jets' game. Wish I was an NFL coach.

Congratulations on the blow out New York:

I am sure Jake at EconomPic is happy and well he should be. I will let Jeff (Steeler fans big time!) fight it out with him!

As an aside, EconomicDisconnect is done watching football for all time. Silly stuff this year and I have no more interest in watching buffoons behave like mental patients and exert zero control over their own destinies.

Have a good night in New York.


GawainsGhost said...

I am shocked--shocked!--that the Jets beat the Patriots. But it was obvious early on, the look on Brady's face. He was clearly frustrated.

You guys have no idea what this does to me. Now my mother is a huge Jets fan. Since all of her other teams--the Texans, the Saints, the Broncos, the Chiefs (sigh)--were eliminated early, now she has someone to root for. I tried to turn her on to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers yesterday, but she said their uniforms were ugly.

My grandmother was the greatest Dallas Cowboys fan who ever lived. I was raised to be a Cowboy, no matter what. My mother, who was raised by the same woman mind you, has not watched football since her brother played in high school in the early 50s. 71 years old, and she just started watching football last year.

Now, she's like this expert. Reads the sports section of the newspaper every morning. Keeps coming over to my condo and taking my football books. But still she does not understand the game.

"Why is that man moving?"

He's in motion.

"I thought he couldn't move."

He can move if he's in motion.

"He can't move except when he's moving? What kind of a stupid rule is that?"

Never mind, mother. Just watch the game.

Still, she has the unique ability to pick games. Sort of like Dianne in Cheers--"A Bear against a Dolphin?"

It's killing me. I asked her, "What do think of my Cowboys?" She said, "Pssst, they won't win anything."

Stick the knife in and twist it.

getyourselfconnected said...

great write up, captures the moment.

The Jets had a good plan and the Patsies had no answer, even after a halftime break. Give me control of this team and they win no question. I am done with fools that cannot get it done or deliver. Sickening the entire playoffs so far has been choke sessions.

Jake said...

Appreciate the sportsmanship GYSC. I am shocked at the outcome, but I thought we had a chance when the Pats attempted the fake punt. Not the fact that they failed, but the fact that they went for it showed me they knew they were being outplayed.

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