Saturday, January 15, 2011


Quick take on the playoff games:

No idea! Two half's of two tales and so nuts I have nothing to say

Told you the Falcons defense was bad, but it is THAT bad.

So far the level of play in the playoffs has been worse than ever.



getyourselfconnected said...

Take a look at The Reformed Broker and Leigh Drogen posts tonight. Total disconnect on what we think is important. Facebook and Twitter are useless modes of interaction, interaction that must be missing otherwise.

GawainsGhost said...

I really thought the Ravens were going to beat the Steelers, but that was a bizarre game. Live ball laying on the ground, nobody notices until one guy picks it up and walks into the end zone. Weird.

I thought the Falcons would at least make a game of it, but Aaron Rogers is playing out of his mind right now. The Packers have something like 17 players on injured reserve, and they're out there winning with rookies and backups. Amazing, really.

I don't see the Patriots losing to the Jets or the Bears losing to the Seahawks. Stranger things have happened in the NFL, but not often.

So, it's beginning to look like it will be Green Bay at Chicago and Pittsburg at New England. I'll take the Packers and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and that will be a game.

By the way, GYC, if you think you've seen some lousy football this season, wait till next season. The current CBA expires on March 4, and until a new one is worked out there can be no OTAs, mini-camps, training camps, pre-season or regular season games. Nor can there be any trades or free agency. If there is a protracted lockout, by the time football begins again it's going to be like the Replacements. (I loved that movie, thought it was funny.)

watchtower said...

Gawains said:

"Live ball laying on the ground, nobody notices until one guy picks it up and walks into the end zone. Weird."

I watched that game over at my brother-in-law's house yesterday, that was strange.

Jake said...