Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday and Fun: 2gether + 4ever = 6cess!

That title brings back the days of trading notes in grade school! Why that came to mind will be apparent below, but that stuff was funny. Remember folding the notes in a way that the teacher could never figure out how to open them? Beats ciphers.

Market Currents
Another day, another move up. I wrote a bit last night about the "wall of worry" and so it continues. Those with a mind to "shake hands with the government" and get in bed with the FED may want to scope out muni related instruments. These things are insane cheap when you consider the soon to be unleashed 100% US Government guarantee. Should not be too long now. This is not investment advice.

My tight stops on EW and NFLX were not triggered today so I remain in both stocks. I will be looking for new trades next week as nothing I turned up using screens late this week really jumped out at me.

Friday Night Entertainment
Sorry for the light content, but I am in a good mood and want to get on with the show!

NFL Divisional Playoffs
After a wild wildcard weekend it is time to see who has what.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (4:30pm Saturday)
This is going to be a rough game. I am torn, they are evenly matched.
Steelers 27, Ravens 24

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons (8:00pm Saturday)
I am not sold on the Falcons due to their defense not being that good, but they are a good team. I just like the Pack here.
Packers 31, Falcons 28 OT (And remember there are new OT RULES!)

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears (1:00pm Sunday)
This one screams upset special and trap game. I think Julius Peppers will be all too happy to be back in the playoffs and he is the difference late.
Bears 24, Seahawks 20

New York Jets at New England Patriots (4:30pm Sunday)
This third game between the two teams is hard to call. The week 2 drubbing of the Pats in New York was a different Pats team. The Patriots demolition of the Jets a few weeks ago seemed like the Jets were a bit overwhelmed by the moment. I think this game will be the game I expected the last time, a great one.
Patriots 28, Jets 21

Did You Know?
-Pistachios are dangerous cargo?
-That Port Royal in Jamaica (a favorite Pirate destination) was destroyed and engulfed by the sea after an earthquake in 1692?
-The Klenow Fragment enzyme can be used to repair ends of DNA by either chewing off broken ends or filling them in?
-One of the largest planes ever built, The Spruce Goose, was made from wood?

Pictures and Such
A few funnies. I will try and get more pics of my Pug and Cat this weekend. Those two are popular! Maybe I should make them a Facebook page?! I got a bunch of pug art prints for the wife at Christmas which now decorate the kitchen. Here is one, the Pugspresso:

demotivational posters - WRONG
see more Very Demotivational

Potential arbitrage opportunity?:
epic fail photos - Car Wash Math FAIL
see more funny videos

The wife located a first edition book by Jack Finney, "About Time", which is a collection of short stories regarding time travel. I loved it so much! What was funny is that as I was reading the first tale (The Third Level) I had a feeling of deja vu. When I arrived at the end of the story here it was:
941 Willard Street
Galesburg, Illinois
July 18, 1894

I got to wishing that you were right. Then I got to believing you were right. And, Charley, it's true; I found the third level! I've been here two weeks, and right now, down the street at the Dalys', someone is playing a piano, and they're all out on the front Porch singing, “Seeing Nellie home.” And I'm invited over for lemonade. Come on back, Charley and Louisa. Keep looking till you find the third level! It's worth it, believe me!
As I read the first few words I recited the rest in my head! I was instantly transported back to 4th grade when I read this in class! What a memory to come back. Amazing really. Then I started thinking about grade school and thus the title for tonight's post was born.

Rock Blogging
Time for a few tunes to start your playoff weekend!

Loyal reader Watchtower has been here almost since day one way back in 2007 (has it been so long?). Any request of his for Friday night goes (well you know what will not!) so let's start the show with SAGA and "On the Loose":

Never heard it, but I like it!

CT Hilltopper wanted some Depeche Mode, and luckily the wife is their biggest fan! She suggests "Behind the Wheel" and live at that:

NICE! Second choice here.

The last time I played Roy Orbison, I had 19 comments on the post! If you all have not figured it out, comments are like rocket fuel for me, I love it. Lets roll with "I Drove All Night":

Love that one.

I need a Motley Crue fix and so let's go with "Too Young to Fall in Love":

Love it.

Two to go! What shall we play? If I had Twitter I could do a snap poll. Oh well.

Let's close with a little heavy, yes? You know how I roll.

Who remembers Ugly Kid Joe? I do, take a listen to "Everything about You":

Too funny.

Last call! Time to close the show.

You know it's coming! I want Randy Rhoads giving "Iron Man" a new life:


Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Thanks for the vid GYSC.

Sounds like you visited nostalgia land after reading Jack Finney.

I live outside of the town that I grew up in, and just about everytime I drive thru it I get transported back in time a little myself.

Mostly it's a good thing.

Good luck with your Patriots this weekend.

Jake said...

i LOVED that ugly kid joe song. wow, that seems like a long time ago.

though not as long ago as the pats kicking the jets ass. i've got my rex ryan mojo back. 28-21... J-E-T-S... JETS JETS JETS

getyourselfconnected said...

I was short on time ( but I made notes) and I can even picture the mid september day in school that year; I was all "I hate school after the summer" and then I read that story! Maybe that changed everything? Who can say? Thanks so much for stopping in.

Ugly Kid Joe opened an Ozzy concert I saw one time (remind me to write about the wallet guy) and they were solid. Time does pass my friend.

Too many folks around here think the last game between the Pats/Jets is what it is! I am not fooled, Jets are scary and I can only hope the Pats know that. I think they do.

GawainsGhost said...

I'll take the Ravens over the Steelers, the Packers over the Falcons, the Patriots over the Jets, and the Bears over the Seahawks.

As well as anybody over my Cowboys. Rob Ryan, are you freaking kidding me? The blood curdles.

Not that I've become a misanthrope or anything. But I've come to hate the world.

getyourselfconnected said...

Gawains! Come on now, Ryan is a good Defense coach.

GawainsGhost said...

He may be a good defensive coach, but that doesn't necessarily make the Cowboys defense better. Too many holes to fill.

I find it odd that once Garrett became head coach, hardly anyone wants to work under him. Sherman was released, probably because he aksed to be. Pasqualoni signed with Connecticut. Two defensive coordinators interviewed and decided to take jobs on other teams, San Diego and San Francisco. So now we're down to Buddy Ryan's boy? Please.

It will be a cold day in hell before Jerry Jones sniffs a Super Bowl again. I'm serious. Back in the day, when I went to games at Texas Stadium, it was all about football. Jerry World is all about dancers in cages and $8.00 beer hawkers. It sucks.

The man is possessed of a demon. He's not merely content with driving the Dallas Cowboys into the ground, he intends to take the rest of the NFL with them! He chairs the committee negotiating the new CBA, you know. Right, we'll see how that works out.