Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Snow on the Way

Another 10-15 inches of snow on tap for Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Day off on the way!

Today's Humor
No time for a post tonight, so a little humor.

From Zero Hedge via John Lohman:

Classic, yet probably true over the past few sessions.

Have a good night.


Dave in Denver said...

Here ya go gyc, if the metals go any lower, buying more silver and gold will be like this:


getyourselfconnected said...

I have not sen that movie in forever! Have to watch it this weekend.

Dave in Denver said...

I own the dvd! that scene is classic

GawainsGhost said...

Yes, well, I'm up late, can't sleep. I got nothing better to do, so I'm going to re-recommend that everyone read Amarillo Slim in a World of Fat People.

Greatest proposition gambler who ever lived, Amarillo Slim has some stories to tell. He took his name as a play off of Minnesota Fats (formerly known as New York Fats), who Amarillo Slim beat at pool using a broom stick. Think about that.

He once took Willie Nelson for $2 million in a game of dominoes.

"I can hit a golf ball for a mile."

Oh, shit, Slim, nobody can hit a golf ball for a mile.

"I can hit a golf ball for a mile."

How much you want to bet?

"How much you got?"


"I'll bet $10,000 that I can hit a golf ball for a mile."

Next thing you know, all of these gamblers are on the phone. Amarillo Slim is betting $10,000 that he can hit a golf ball for a mile! 30 of them bet against him. So he put them all on a plane, flew to a frozen lake in Minnesota, set a golf ball on the ice, and whacked the hell out of it. Zzzzzz! "Looks like a mile to me." He went home with $300,000.

Put three sugar cubes on a table and make a bet on which one a fly will land on. You know what the secret is? Discretely lick your finger and rub the top of one sugar cube. The saliva will melt the sugar and create a vapor trail, leading the fly directly to it. You got a better than 90% chance of winning that bet.

The thing about Amarillo Slim is this. He wasn't a gambler--he never made a bet that he could lose. He was an entertainer. He'd come in, charm people, tell stories with folksy humor. Then leave with all the money. And the suckers all thought they had a good time!

Amarillo Slim in a World of Fat People. Great book, wonderful stories. And good advice for an investor.

Never put money on the table you can't afford to lose. Always have inside information. Don't gamble, entertain. And walk away with the money.

Amarillo Slim retired a multi-millionaire. The World Series of Poker wouldn't be what it is today if he hadn't won it in 1972.

Read the book, and then you'll know.

Kid Dynamite said...

re: pokerstars homegame question:


Kid Dynamite said...

ps - NFLX trading $199 after hours on their earnings release! i hate myself for not owning this stock for this...

getyourselfconnected said...

I am going to post about it in a bit, worth a look. Thanks for the link.

Kid Dynamite said...

re: pokerstars homegames: it's just a private table that you set up on pokerstars so that only people who you give the password to can play (ie, your friends). You deposit money on the site and play.
perhaps you can do "play money" tables too. i don't know.