Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Night Fights

Some assorted boxing clips for Saturday night.

Ray Mancini KO1 Art Frias
The original "Boom Boom" almost gets knocked out himself at the 2:04 mark of this clip, a wild exchange at the 3:40 mark, and then Mancini wins the WBA Lightweight title with a wild 1st round knockout:

Jersey Joe Walcott KO7 Ezzard Charles
One of my favorite old school fighters, Jersey Joe Walcott, becomes the oldest heavyweight champion at the time by stopping Ezzard Charles in round 7 with a classic left hook:

Ken Norton Should Never Have Fought George Foreman
Styles make fights and Norton was WAY too easy to hit to fight a killer like Foreman:

Thomas Hearns KO2 Pipino Cuevas
Cuevas was a long time champion and tough as nails, but "The Motor City Cobra" blows him away with a disgusting right hand in round 2 (skip to 5:50 mark):

Salvador Sanchez KO8 Wilfredo Gomez
I don't know why but when Mexican fighters face off against Puerto Rican fighters it's always nasty! Here the great featherweight Sanchez stops Gomez around the 1:50 mark of the clip:

Almost as brutal as Julio Cesar Chavez ending Edwin Rosario's career (KO11) in maybe the most brutal beating I have ever seen:


James Toney KO11 Michael Nunn
You can hear in the Tony corner "We are running out of rounds, we got to dog this man!", and over in Nunn's corner Angelo Dundee says "Don't get sloppy on me!". A few minutes later Toney scores the big upset:


Have a good night.


au soleil levant said...

I don't have any comments about the boxing stuff, but did want to say thanks for the request and shout out last night. Always appreciated!

getyourselfconnected said...

My dear, anything you want! All my best for you, you know.

scharfy said...

Excellent stuff man. All that stuff is gold. Love the in shape James Toney. Wow.

Foreman such a bruiser