Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best Deck Staining Tip of All Time

Ok folks, here is the very best deck staining tip of all time. Are you ready?


I just finished up the white railings and post section. It took from 9am this morning to 6:30pm and my wife is still doing touch ups. The rest will have to be done tomorrow. Gawains was 100% correct, hire this job out! Unreal.

For the Boxing Fans
A little something for the boxing fans.

In 1975 Muhammad Ali mercilessly beats Joe Frazier in rounds 13 and 14 during "The Thrilla in Manila". Frazier's trainer Eddie Futch sees enough after round 14 and gently tells Joe "that's it son" and stops the fight before round 15. Skip to the 4:00 mark for round 14:


Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I tried to tell you.

It's just like, what was it, two years ago, when you where thinking about buying a gas grill. I told you charcoal and wood chips are the only way to go. And eventually you came around.

A couple of years ago, one of the other guys at another building in our complex decided he wanted to put up a wood fence around his patio. He tried to do it himself, but the fence kept falling down.

So, when it came time for me to put up a wood fence around my patio, I called a contractor. He came over with a team and set the fence up in a day. No fuss, no muss, and it never and still hasn't fallen down.

This is what I'm talking about. I understand the pride involved with do-it-yourself. But certain things are better left to professionals.

Little things like interior paint are easy; anyone can do it. But bigger things like sheetrock repair, wiring, plumbing, kitchen and bath improvement, roof shingles, and deck staining, are best left to professionals. Yeah, it will cost you some money, but what you save in time and pain-in-the-ass makes it all worth it. And your house will be more valuable.

Just make sure that any contractor you hire is bonded and insured.

This is what I do, repair and rennovate repossessed homes. But I only take bids from bonded and insured contractors. Either the work is guaranteed or it's not; it's that simple.

Because I don't care. I need to sell this house, otherwise I don't get paid. If the owner or the contractor cannot guarantee his or her work, I cannot in all honesty present the property as fully repaired, merely sold "as is."

This is why using bonded and insured contractors are of such importance.

If the house sells, I am not responible for any misrespresentation made by either the seller or the contractor. True, it is my due diligence to make sure that neither is deceiving the buyer. But absent absolute knowledge, how am I to know?

If I sell a house and say that the foundation is secure, or any other repairs are secure for that matter, and it's not, then I'm on the hook for treble damages. And that's actionable, which means I could lose my license in addition to being sued.

It's a difficult business. All I know is to write the most accurate price opinion I can, hire the the most competent and trustworthy contractors I can, and present the property "as is." The buyer is entitled to a full inspection before closing, after all.

So it doesn't benefit me in any way to lie to anyone. This is what a lot of these clowns do not understand. I look upon that as not my problem.

getyourselfconnected said...

Yes, you were right! I was sooooo wrong. I have to develope my listening skills! Somehow though I am still lacking an email update on the real estate market....

Your are my man Gawains, loved all the videos last comment thread. I think Watchtower typed transitor radio, WTF is that :)