Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Big Reveal Show

I cannot believe it is Sunday evening already. Whole weekend went by in a blur of staining and beers after. I have to go to work tomorrow???

The Week Ahead
I should do some market homework tonight but I am probably too tired. Tomorrow night I have plans so that may be out as well. I am still getting set to try my short idea (detailed before) using ETF's should my target of S&P 500 1280 roll around. Seems like I may not be the only person looking at this:
How Barry Ritholtz Just Went Short The Market Using ETFs
Hey Barry, just rip my ideas off already! LOL.

The maximum Boom Boom man himself Bernanke will be speaking tomorrow. Some think he may sound a nice tone for a snapper rally, but I think at this point he is going to try and make an attempt to say the FED is all done. They might be, for now. Tomorrow could be a dangerous day for any large bets long or short so be mindful folks. More later if I do some homework.

The Big Reveal Show
My very best advice for staining a deck is to hire the job out. It was a ton of work and my back and hands are really messed up from two long days of effort.

On Friday when I went to Lowe's I was lucky because the representative from the company Cabot Stains was there doing information tutorials. Cool! Of course I went with all Cabot products, they are based here in Newburyport Massachusetts.

I wanted to go with a white semi-solid stain for the railings and posts. I felt the see through to the grain look would make the staining look aged, sort of rustic. I went with Ultra White semi solid. For the main boards I went with a semi-transparent stain in Redwood. I washed the deck on Friday using, of course, Cabot deck wash.

Ok, you want to see some pictures right? Here we go. I tried to get pictures of the deck from the same angles before and after but it is not exact. Click for larger view:

Looks pretty good I think. Not bad for like 16 hours of work, right?

That should be the last project I have to do myself this summer. It is now fishing time! I need to get my rigs and Kayak ready to roll.

Today is MOINK Day
I forgot in all the work stuff, but today is MOINK day!! I only cooked some hot dogs today because my hands are so cramped I can't do anything complicated. No worries though, my BBQ mentor Zydecopaws of No Excuses BBQ has us covered.

Going above and beyond the regular again, you MUST READ this post:
Teriyaki MOINK
I got permission to repost this mouth-watering picture:

Oh, that would be so good right now. Great stuff.

Have a good night.


Stagflationary Mark said...

"I cannot believe it is Sunday evening already."

You must believe or the very fabric of the faith based calendar system is in peril! ;)

P.S. You have inspired me NOT to take pictures of my ugly deck. I've got plants growing through some of it and not by choice, lol.

getyourselfconnected said...

this sucks, I feel like I had no down time all weekend and now I gotta go to work. Ugh.

Hee hee, lets see those deck pictures!

Patti said...

The deck looks beautiful. Great job and I love the color combination.

getyourselfconnected said...

Hey Patti,
thanks for the kind words. I thought that combo would look good, but you never know.

Dave in Denver said...

Culinary pornography. Looks awesome. I went with a Ducane gas grill that someone gave me for free. I know it's far inferior to charcoal, but it's easy, less mess and Ducane is the best non-charcoal grill to use. This one is the same one I had on my balcony in NYC and I loved it.

RE: your comment - check this out:

getyourselfconnected said...

unreal on the link. Geez.

Nothing wrong with a Ducane! Congrats, now cook stuff and post pics. 100% up front, I did not cook that stuff, my friend did at the link. Does look so good, yes?

David Batista said...

Wow, I know nothing about decks or staining (as I've mentioned before) . . . but awesome job, man! You deserve to spend the rest of your weekends for the rest of the summer fishing.

Oh, and of course -- grilling! :)

Patti said...

I found a quote for you. I love words of wisdom from those who are so much smarter than me. I thought you might enjoy it.

“Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others.”
-- John Maynard Keynes

GawainsGhost said...

Nice job on that deck, GYC, but it was a lot of work, wasn't it. Yeah, I knew it would be. Make sure you waterproof it before the rains and snow come.

I still don't know what a Moink is.

Time Warner experienced some sort of major outage yesterday, and I was without the internet for 12 hours. It was extremely bothersome.

watchtower said...

The redwood stain with white accents looks great!

watchtower said...

S&P 500 - 1286 today, it's getting close.

getyourselfconnected said...

6 points away! I imagine a small bounce here may be in order, but looking good right now.

Small Business said...

WoW! What a desk view full with greenery, I wanted to be there too!