Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Week Ahead

It did not get up to 80 degrees here today, but it was a solid 70 degree plus. It was like the entire area came alive as kids were all out playing, people were walking around, and yard work was going on big time. I am still a bit too sore for yard work, at least that is my excuse, so maybe next weekend. Really got the fishing bug today as well.

Old Find
Way back in 1997 when Economic Disconnect was still young, I wrote a long item of prose that I always was pretty fond of. I always loved English classes and luckily I had a bunch of good teachers through High School and College that pointed out cool writings. I loved the Edgar Lee Masters' "Spoon River Anthology" series and Edward Arlington Robinson's works like "Miniver Cheevy". Throw in a real liking for Old English type epic poems (think Beowulf) and I had an idea as to what I wanted to create.

I ran across the old notebook I wrote it in recently (no computer for me back then) and it brought back the memory of the work. I am placing it here more for me, but if you get a kick out of it that's cool too. Reading it again I think I may have been a little too drama heavy with it, but what can you do. It is long so if you are not into this kind of thing, skip on down for for regular type content:

When I Spoke With Death
It wasn’t long ago I was upon that towering hill;
The clouds were thick, the winds were strong, then all came very still.
A flash of lightning seemed me very strange accompanied by no thunder;
And then I saw a figure in black that could have been no other.

He walked towards me in sullen grace, but made no sound at all;
Cloaked in black with a wide rimmed hat, He seemed me very tall.
He stopped but just before me and fixed His gaze on me;
That’s when I saw those wicked eyes, black like night time seas.

And when He spoke His words were light, and in a whispers tone;
He said “My friend you’ll come with me and I will take you home.”
And then I knew that it was Death that came to take my hand;
But so lost was my soul, I cared not to make a stand.

I said to Him “I’ll come with you, for there’s nothing for me here”;
“I’ve lost my strength, my hope, my dreams and so I have no fear.”
The dark God seemed to ponder this, and after some time he said;
“Explain to me why you are so calm to walk among the dead.”

And now it was I who paused, not sure how to begin;
Then I chose to tell Him of my only true love’s end.
I said to Him how all was lost to lies and to betrayal;
I had tried so hard and gave so much, and all to no avail.

I told Him the pain and grief of my fathers shameful death;
And how all those dear to me turned their backs, and now I’ve nothing left.
And all through this He seemed to know, to even understand;
All the pain and loss I felt piled like the beaches sand.

Another pause, and then His whisper came into my ear;
“I have never come for someone who did not show me fear”;
“Proud warriors have fallen on their knees and begged me just to leave”;
“High priests and Kings have more than often taken time to grieve.”

And after I simply said, and in a gracious way;
“But all those men had hopes and dreams for which they’d want to stay”;
‘To leave this world for what’s unknown is not a terrible grave”
“To stay with nothing or go to something, the decision has been made.”

Again a pause as He considered the words that I had said;
And after a while His quiet whisper came to me again;
“Hell is hot, it burns with flames of naked hate and anger”;
“All the spirits there mourn their lives taken by this Stranger.”

“If I were to take you back with me, through the gates of old”;
“Hell could change thereafter, chilled by your freezing soul.”
“And what would come of Hell, if all there knew to let go?”
“There’d be no heat, no cries of grief, those things that mean the most.”

“I will leave you here, tired man, and hope you can restore”;
“Some light unto your life, your soul, so you’d want to stay some more.”
And after that I heard thunder clap, and the figure was no more;
And there was no lightning this time, of that I am sure.

That was the night I spoke with Death and even He reject me;
And so no relief is given up, and I go through life sadly.
But what a trick I’ve given myself, because if I am ever happy;
Death may come yet once again, and just to take it from me.

I still like it.

Icy Balls
Looking for a new stock to go way long on? This one may well be a good idea, Ice Ball Mold! It is exactly what you would think, perfect ice spheres! Every bar in the US will have to have this because it is way too cool. Get it, cool, ice, nevermind. Here is a video of the machine in action:

I want a drink with an ice ball!

1338 is the New 867-5308
The excellent gtotoy notes that the S&P level of 1338 has become a recurring theme which we should see once again this week. Being a smart ass, I quipped that 1338 is the new 867-5309:

NICE! If I was on Twitter I would tweet that line for hours.

Market Operations
When is the next trading week ever not going to be termed "interesting"?

Current Long Positions
At this point the gold/silver miner names are breaking out. Monday may well be a bit ugly for PAAS. After a huge 8% plus move I expect it to come off a bit. It has plenty of room to move and still qualify the breakout pattern. TRCR is weak right now and I may be looking to exit that one if it does not pick up. I am down quite a bit on WNR (4%) so I am using that as an example of how moving out of what I am comfortable with can bite me. The chart does not look good at all, but I figured the fundamental look on it was solid. The market does not seem to agree and how long one wants to fight that is for everyone to decide. For me, I may be out tomorrow, too many other good looking names to stick with a position that is not working.

I have to do homework tonight and will update any new ideas or setups I am looking at. Any that are my own that is.

Have a good night.


Jennifer Hillier said...

1. LOVE that poem.

2. Icy balls? Not gonna touch this one as much as I want to.

3. "867-5309" was sung to me incessantly growing up. (Eventually replaced by "Jenny on the Block".) Brings back memories!

getyourselfconnected said...

1. Thanks so much :)
2. Yeah, I debated posting it but it was too much fun.
3. I will take tommy tutones over JLO in a music throwdown anytime.

GawainsGhost said...

Not bad, GYC, actually quite good.

By the way, when was the last time you saw a sitting governor read poetry before a policy meeting?

Sorry I haven't sent you that write up, but repo week is a bitch. It's pretty much research all morning, driving around all afternoon, and writing reports all evening.

I promise I will send it to you soon.

getyourselfconnected said...

Hey Gawains! I was starting to worry about you. Thanks for the nice words, coming from a literary sage it means a lot.

watchtower said...

GYSC, I wish you would repost what you wrote after you came back from the Depeche Mode concert, I liked that too.

getyourselfconnected said...

Watchtower, yeah I thought that was a fine piece of writing too, I will dig the link out today. After today's market action (post up in a bit) I may want to write instead of working stock positions, LOL.