Friday, April 8, 2011

Recovery Friday

Second day where my side is feeling much better. I was getting a little worried there for a minute. It is going to be almost 80 degrees here on Sunday and Monday! Awesome.

Market Operations
I was sort of all over the place this week. I was busy with regular work and paperwork at home so my trading was not as sharp as it could have been. The weeks moves:
Bought SA, CEF, NCT
Bought PAAS, CAB and TRCR
Sold NCT for a small loss (-0.6%) and replaced with AUY. Bought WNR.
Sold CAB at a even move (0%).
Watched WNR take a beating and then all the gold/silver miner stocks broke out on heavy volume. PAAS went crazy today:

WOW! I will try and be more on top of things next week. Many of the above buys were stolen from the man himself, ChessNwine. What a guy, thanks!

Friday Night Entertainment
All week long I have been low on time, tonight is no different. Off to the fun stuff to set up the weekend.

Copper: It's Not Just Hot in China
We have all seen the stories of Chinese farmers hoarding copper. Let's expand our view a little. Check out Armenia:
Armenia cut off from internet by old woman digging for copper
A 75-year-old Georgian woman has managed to cut off the entire country of Armenia from the internet for several hours by cutting a single cable while she was scavenging for copper.
I blame Bernanke.

Mesmerizing Picture with Story
In my travels over the internet this week I came across a stunning work of art that has captured my attention. This picture has just grabbed me:

A little searching and I found this on Wikipedia (yes I know I have a Wiki problem!):
The Ghost of Oyuki
The Ghost of Oyuki is a painting of a female yūrei, (a traditional Japanese ghost), by Maruyama Okyo (1733-1795), founder of the Maruyama-Shijô school of painting.
According to an inscription on the painting, Okyo had a mistress in the Tominaga Geisha house. She died young and Okyo mourned her passing. One night her spirit came to him in a dream, and unable to get her image out of his head he painted this portrait. This is one of the earliest paintings of a yūrei (ghost) with the basic late-Edo period ghost characteristics: disheveled hair, white or pale blue robe, limp hands, nearly transparent, lack of lower body.
Wonderful find.

Picture Fun
It's better with the lights ona and taking pictures.

Now I know why James Altucher loves yoga so much:
demotivational posters - THIS MAN HAS
see more Very Demotivational

Swim trunks do have some disadvantages:
photobomb that guy - He Really Precedes Himself
see more This is Photobomb

Film Stuff
My man David is all over the new HBO series "Game of Thrones" which comes out soon. I think I will be watching, take a look:

I should have a blood feud with HBO after the end of The Sopranos and most of all, my beloved Rome series. Maybe this will ease the pain. Maybe.

Still the scariest movie of all time, "The Exorcist" original trailer:

Still freaks me out.

Rock Blogging
Getting in the groove in case you gotta prove!

Nothing but lines from the songs tonight.

"Your like a candle, your flame is slowly fading, burning out and burning me":

"If I could move I'd get my gun and put her in the ground":

"On my deathbed, I will pray to the gods and the angels; like a pagan, to anyone who will take me to heaven":

"But though your still with me, I've been alone alone all along":

"As he spreads his wings and shouts to the crowd, In the name of God my father, I fly!":

"When all the work is done, by the light of the setting sun, we see what we've become; two of the lucky ones":

"I know his name..."

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

Last tune has to be a top 3 most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

David Batista said...

Glad to hear you're well on your way to being fully recovered! And even though I hate warmer weather, I'm a little excited by the possibility of being near the 80s next week. It will be a nice, brief change around here.

I was just thinking about Game of Thrones before clicking on your blog. The wait is agony, especially given all the really positive reviews trickling out.

And, hey, Def Leppard's one of my favorite bands! Queen's number one, though, because . . . well, you know. :)

getyourselfconnected said...

I will add it!

Doable Finance said...

"It is going to be almost 80 degrees here on Sunday and Monday! Awesome."

It's still freezing once in a while in the North East of U.S.A.

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