Friday, April 1, 2011

Cashing in on Friday

It snowed here today. We got about 4 inches, but the heavy and wet snow made a mess of plenty of trees. A bunch fell over around here. That has to be the last storm, it has to be!

FED Discount Window News
I am in a terrific mood but I did want to point out some news on the FED discount window borrowing disclosure. It is pretty much what I knew in my heart all along, the FED took anything and everything. This includes defaulted bonds and common stock. This would be a big deal on any other planet, luckily we are on this one. Further reading:
Market Ticker
First Look: Fed Lending Release
Zero Hedge
How The Fed Gave Goldman Millions In Exchange For Defaulted Bond Collateral

Some readers noted that my blogroll leans bearish, and that is true. It is stories like these, which are very important, that represent the best work of these guys.

More Than Disgusting
For the 5th time in 8 months, some disgusting individuals have toppled a number of gravestones at a cemetery here in Eastern Massachusetts. I have no idea if this is just a Massachusetts thing or what. It makes me sick, but then it makes me really angry. It's probably stupid kids doing stupid things but I don't accept any excuse for this. Maybe I will make it a point this Spring and Summer to drive past a few cemeteries late night on weekends this year and see if I can catch any people doing this. If I do I am going to do something about it. If anything happens at the cemetery where my Father and my Brother are resting, I will post a monster cash bounty for turning the people in. It will be big enough that even your blood-brother best friend since kindergarten will turn you right the f#ck over. Believe it.

Market Operations
OK, now that all that is out of the way!

I mentioned last night I wanted to exit my open positions today. Many had quite a run and I wanted to work on things over the weekend with plenty of open cash to use. Economic Disconnect had quite a day today! It was almost crazy seeing my positions bust out, it was fun. I listed where I was last night, check out where I closed out my stocks (around lunch time after the ramp up I thought would happen, happened), what a 10 day span!:
TAN +6.4%
SHW +4.8%
RPM +5.5%
KCG +5.0%
I sold YGE yesterday for +7.6%.

Not too shabby for a doom and gloomer, huh? It's not often I get a run like this, good stuff. The PPT tool is dangerous.

Friday Night Entertainment
I feel like celebrating! Let's do it.

Fun Site
Instead of a "Did You Know" section, why not swing on by the site Little Bits of History and look around? I check it out every day. It is like a detailed DYK section. Today's entry:
Spring Forward - Fall Back

Fun with Pictures

I love the Historic LOL Caption site:
funny pictures history - Mom, you're so right! Getting stoned first makes housework AMAZING!
see more Historic LOL

I kid you not, I bought BIMBO bread at the grocery store last weekend:


The irony:
epic fail photos - WIN: Graffiti Touché
see more funny videos, and check out our Yo Dawg lols!

Film Clips
Some movie ideas. And if David Batista has seen "Streets of Fire" it would not shock me, we seem to like all the same stuff!

Seems a friend of mine has yet to see the Kevin Bacon classic "Quicksilver". I say it's a classic 80's flick, and it has a stock market angle to boot:

I will have a great tune from the film below.

Back when Eddie Murphy was both talented and picked good movie roles, he and Nick Nolte made a classic film "48 Hours". The trailer makes the film seem more of a comedy, but it was a gritty and well made film:

There is a fight scene between Nolte and Murphy in the film that is a stand out.

Rock Blogging
Time for the tunes!

Any blogger would love to have a reader like Watchtower. Always constructive, always supportive, always fun. We have been gabbing back and forth for 3 years! Amazing really. It is Watchtower and Mrs Watchtower's 23rd Wedding Anniversary this month! Congratulations! For the happy couple:

Leading off with The Cure's great tune "High":

Wonderful song idea. Best Wishes man.

From the soundtrack of the film "Quicksilver", try out Roger Daltrey (Hugh Fitzcairn for those in the know!) performing "Quicksilver Lightning":

I really love that tune.

Maybe a little Springsteen? I have always liked "Radio Nowhere":


Let's get romantic! How about Steel Panther with "My Heart Belongs to You; but my Dong is Community Property" (you read that right! DON'T play if you are easily offended):

That is just too funny.

Ok, two to go.

Forget Facebook, screw Twitter. YouTube is the big dog. Besides every boxing match you ever want to see, where else are going to find the timeless Crystal Gayle singing "Rocky Top Tennessee" live???:

Dig it. Yeah, I like bluegrass, so what?

Ok, last call! How to close a kick butt week even though I can barely move? Good question.

The last time I played Lita Ford and Ozzy's duet "Close My Eyes Forever" I had 63 comments! Too bad 43 of them were SPAM. Lighters up folks:

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Thanks for the vid GYSC! Much appreciated.

GYSC it's funny you mentioned 'Streets of Fire'.
Last week I was going to request Maria McKee's 'Never Be You' from the soundtrack of Streets of Fire but couldn't find a Youtube vid of it.
Rosanne Cash does a pretty good job on that song too, but I guess I was jonesing for Maria's take on it.

Stagflationary Mark said...

I love the "Spread Anarchy" graffiti. Too funny!

getyourselfconnected said...

so glad you liked the post! Never heard the other version of "Never be You", I will be on Amazon tomorrow to get it. All my best, and thanks so much for being with me all the way, means a lot.

To me that graffiti says a ton, thanks for stopping by!

David Batista said...


I don't care what anyone says, Roger Daltrey will always be Fitzcairn to me! "Star-Crossed" is such a painful episode to watch because of . . . you-know-what.

And, believe it or not, I've never seen Streets of Fire. Hmmm, now I'm intrigued.

getyourselfconnected said...

You MUST see Streets of Fire, just do it. No, really.

Ok, I am off to bed and hoping I do not need to go to the hospital. Crud, I think my right side is messed up.

randall said...

plastered, plastered, life in the stream is workin on meee.. got rat killin ta do can't ya seee. Fallin from heights and i gotta pee.
Plastered , Plastered...
insert smilie here.... lol.

getyourselfconnected said...

Nice Randall.

randall said...

I hope ya noticed the Metalica Theme to that masterpiece..

That was a hint for next fridays music bud... Master of puppets...