Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Plethora of Pinatas

One week of work left until vacation (Antigua here I come!) and I have so much to do. I also need to get the car's oil changed and do some yard work. Something tells me that is not going to happen. Going out tomorrow night for a birthday party that will be featuring lessons for Latin style dancing and I promised my wife I would try it just for her. I really wish my side was too painful right now. Maybe I can have a huge coughing fit tonight and re-injure it? Nobody puts GYSC in a corner, right?

From the Department of "Now They Tell Everyone"
First FED clown Hoenig admitted big banks are too big to fail and are fully backed by the government. Now the Bank of America CEO, a one Mr. Moynihan, tells people that all the home trading and home equity extraction maybe was not a great idea (Hat Tip The Golden Truth):
BofA CEO: Owners shouldn't look at home as an asset
Housing rebound may take so long that homeowners should seek other long-term investments
This is an instant classic.

Sometimes I want everything to be ok and get better and other times I want the whole system to crash and burn. I would even break out the weenies and marshmallows.

Online Poker Dust Up
I used to play a lot of poker at Party Poker back a few years. I liked the competition and I was pretty good at it. I preferred 6 man sit and go tournaments. Way back when the Port Security bill was passed, there was a clause attached that made online poker gambling "illegal". I put it in quotes because the US government never seemed interested in doing anything about it. I did not care and I was playing too much (my wife said so) so I closed my account and walked away from poker. Sometimes I play the play money games if I am bored and up late.

Today it seems the government is getting serious about getting their cut of gambling revenue, I mean enforcing the law. Kid Dynamite (Mr. Bajunga Tilt Inducer himself) lays it all out for you:
Online Poker D-Day
I have no real horse in this race. I would love to play real money poker again, but I will not really be able to play that much. In the end the government should just take their cut and allow it, stop telling people what to do. Scratch tickets, Keno, and a million other gambling things are fine as long as the state gets their cut, but online poker is "evil" and "hurts families". Whatever.

Friday Night Entertainment
Lifting spirits since 2007.

E-Trade: Sorry, You Can't Take it Back
This is going viral I promise you 100%:


Old Ads Were Over the Top
I almost think this one is fake (click for full version):
Funny Pictures History - Just Like Mommy?! God No...
see more Historic LOL YUCK!

Waldo Photobomb:
photobomb that guy - There's Waldo
see more This is Photobomb
Do you see him?

Film Clips
Selected scenes from neither here nor there.

HBO's big gamble on "Game of Thrones" opens Sunday night. This of course makes me think of the best HBO series ever, Rome. So many great things about the series. Here is my second favorite clip where Titus Pullo, sentenced to die in the gladiator arena, draws power from his pride of the 13th Roman Legion. His dear friend, Lucius Vorenus is moved to help his brother once again (WARNING: Very nasty and gory):

My favorite Rome clip is here.

You know this is the coolest clip ever, Darth Vader is saved from death and given a new body. Jack the sound up at 1:55 mark:

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Rock Blogging
It's funny; sometimes I get no requests (most often), a few, and this week I have a whole bunch! I cannot figure out how not one request was from the Ozzy/Rhoads Tribute album and no Iron Maiden. What's wrong with you people anyway? Let's roll with some reader picks.

Fellow Big Steel Keg user Smoking in Peosta celebrated the Confirmation of his daughter M by cooking a killer Prime Rib. For such an occasion I offered the proud father lead off song choice. Congratulations Smoking and M, here is U2 with "If God Will Send His Angels":

I never heard that U2 song, weird.

Loyal reader Gawains knows Black Sabbath like no other. His selection, "Swinging the Chain" is a really good one:

I like that one!

Reader C-T, who has not stopped by in a while (kidding!), was looking for Gin Blossoms and "Found Out About You" and it's a good one:


The greatest reader a writer could have, Watchtower, was interested in a song from the film "Sharkey's Machine" sung by Sarah Vaughan. Pretty catchy:

I like the tune, but that did not sound like a female singer for a while!

Author JH, who has her very own book coming out, was craving Duran Duran's classic "Hungry Like the Wolf". Here is a cool live version to remember the 80's by, oh the best of times:


Ok, last two and then it's all over. Try not to be upset.

I need a Chili Peppers fix (man I miss Jake from EconomPic!). Maybe my favorite Peppers tune, "Otherside":

That one or "Under the Bridge". Tough call.

Last tune, raise a glass.

What time is it? Why it is "3 AM Eternal"! Run with a little KLF:

WOWZA! Did you see that mobile phone at the 1:12 mark?!! This video wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence.

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Another great Friday Night line up!

getyourselfconnected said...

It was all the readers picks!

David Batista said...

Ah, Rome. Damn I miss that show! Thanks for the clip, it brings back good memories. LOL!

And I loved that E*Trade spoof. Frakkin hil-a-ri-ous!!! I always wondered what your opinion was of that service. Now I know. :)

And, hey, good luck at the b-day party tonight. In your case, *don't* break a leg. It's funny, because my boss also has a birthday party to go to today, as do I (for my nephew's 2nd).

What is it with birthday bashes today? Talk about going viral . . .

getyourselfconnected said...

Hey David,
the ETrade commerical is awesome. I have nothing against ETrade BTW, though I use TD Ameritrade myself. For trade execution, not research of course.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Hope you had a good time Latin dancing! It's not for the faint of heart :)

Thanks for posting my request.

getyourselfconnected said...

Ha, check out the latest post. I had to dodge a car!

Anonymous said...

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