Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Linkfest for Tuesday

Starting a bit late after dinner clean up and lunch preparation took longer than usual. Don't ask. As such it will be a link fest!

Market Operations
I am going on vacation the last week this month so I was going to go to all cash before I left. As I took a few hits the past few days it seems like a good time as well! I am out of everything except my stop was missed in PAAS so I still have it and I am holding a position in WNR as well.

Where else are you going to get tales of Maple Syrup production, Cigarette Arbitrage, the low down on ETF', Silver coverage, and Toilet Replacement drama? Only one place friends:
Kid Dynamite - Content is King

The Downtown Man himself, Farmer Brown angles a question in an interesting way today. It would be worth your time to think how you would answer and what that may mean for the long term, big picture:
The False Hope of Higher Prices

Like we did not know:
Big banks are government-backed: Fed's Hoenig

Fans of alternate history type thinking may find this one really fun:
Would a Soviet Moon landing have forced the US to go to Mars?

Have a good night.

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