Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Winter Steaks

I am going to do some work on new stock positions later but I doubt I will be buying anything before I see how Monday goes in the markets. I will update later with any ideas.

Sunday Winter Steaks
I go into hibernation during the winter because I hate the cold. Today it was over 60 degrees here and I was motivated to cook some steaks on The Big Steel Keg. I am in no way trying to influence the author of the site The Golden Truth as he considers what type of grill to buy in the Spring. Not me.

As you can see, it is still winter here big time:


I bought a huge ribeye for me and two tenderloin steaks for the wife and mom in law. I put a bit of sea salt and black pepper on the steaks, nothing fancy:

Quick brush of extra virgin olive oil before the steaks hit the grill will give you killer grate marks on the meat.

I was out of lump charcoal but I did have some Stubbs All Natural briquettes which did the job fine and got the Keg singing near 700 degrees:

The Keg will go thermonuclear if you want (way over 800 degrees) but I have never needed more than 700 for anything.

Steaks almost done after 3 minutes per side twice:


I oven baked some potatoes (350 degrees for two hours directly on oven rack) and I boiled some onions and sliced portabella mushrooms in beef broth (20 minutes) to round out the dinner plate, which was square:

I may have eaten too much.

It was fun to grill for once and I am glad for the nice weather day though it has started raining now. Back to work tomorrow and my Birthday is fast approaching. Ugh again.

Looks like Norman the Pug ate too many table scraps:

Oooh, so tired!

Way too much to look at tonight. I am liking metal plays SIL, MGH, and EGI. I am reviewing stocks that could move and they are HRZ, HSFT, and CTXS. I should wait until after tomorrow but I am getting itchy.

While discretion is the better part of valor, I am going with SIL, MGH, EGI, and HRZ for this week.

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

Whats up folks!

zydecopaws said...

Nice to see you could dig out enough to fire up the Keg. I won't comment on your attempts to melt the rest of the snow with a super-hot grilling session... ;)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Yowza, those steaks look GOOD. I have never heard of a Big Steel Keg... then again, I don't do the grilling.

How cute is your pug? My best friend has a pug too, and she's such a sweetheart. I'm a cat person, but if I ever did get a dog, I'd get a pug.

Kid Dynamite said...

"3 minutes per side twice"

??? I thought a pro only flips his steak once? Or, you sear it for a minute on each side over super high heat, and then do the 4 minutes a side thing over lower heat - for two flips?

but you're the BBQ pitmaster. I'm just the maple man.

norman looks gorged.

getyourselfconnected said...

Hey Zyde, yeah I did get out there for once. It was a good time.

JH, pugs are too funny. We got a kitten right before Christmas as well and he is so upset still.

I get thr Keg up near 700 and do 3 minutes per side, indeed twice. I just like it that way, there is no right or wrong. I think :)