Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Boxing Clips

I am doing my market homework tonight and running screens but with all the headline risk out there I am not buying anything right now.

I have some free time and seeing that there seems to be a a ton of boxing fans out there, here are some clips for review.

Boxing Clips

There was a rule enacted after Arturo Gatti stopped Joey Gamache in this fight that barred a fighter from pigging out after the weigh in and gaining over 10 pounds! Go to the 0:50 second mark for a brutal KO, so don't watch is you are squeamish:

Lights out.

Over at iBankCoin there was a thread that got all into boxing and some punk said that Roberto Duran had a glass jaw! Not wanting to start trouble, I let it go. Duran was KO'd one time (By Thomas Hearns) and it was a fight he was not prepared for. Hands of Stone was one of the best fighters of all time. Go to the 2:16 mark of this clip and ask Davey Moore:

A great book I read was "Hands of Stone" by Christian Giudice. Grab it!

When Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini got his first shot at the lightweight title, he ran into my hero, Alexis Arguello. After a valiant effort Mancini gets beaten by one of the greatest fighters of all time. Scroll to 1:05 mark:

Master defeats the apprentice.

The 1984 fight between Juan Meza and Jaime Garza featured two fighters with the highest knockout percentages in history. So what happens? A first round knockout of course! But not without drama. Round 1 starts at the 2:00 minute mark:


One of the sickest punchers of all time was Julian Jackson. Spool up most any win of his and it was a crazy knockout (Terry Norris comes to mind). It is lights out time for Herol Graham in 1990 here:


In one of the more brutal fights in living memory, Chris Eubanks and Michael Watson put on a show in their second fight (in 1991) that was amazing yet terrible. Watson has the fight in hand and almost stops Eubanks in the 11th round, but walks into a shot so severe it had terrible consequences (go to 1:00 mark):

Watson suffered a brain blood clot and brain damage after this fight. Very sad, and shame on his corner for letting him come out for the 12th round.

While a quick knockout is fine, there is no more fierce a display in boxing as total domination. Julio Cesar Chavez finished the careers of quite a few fighters during his unbeaten streak and some (Meldrick Taylor, Roger Mayweather, Greg Haugen, Sammy Fuentes) were effectively finished as top flight fighter after Chavez drained them. Edwin Rosario never was the same after his loss to Chavez, watch the whole clip to the end of round 11 when Rosario's corner thankfully throws in the towel:


Ok, last clip!

In 1988 Thomas "The Hit Man" Hearns had a mandatory title defense against Iran "The Blade" Barkley. It was a total mismatch but I got it on Pay-Per-View anyway. Hearns was killing Barkley and the fight was sure to end in the 3rd round, but a wild right hand out of no where wins the fight for The Blade in a shocking ending (watch from 6:00 min mark on):


I hope you liked the clips and feel free to suggest fight clips or ask boxing history questions!

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

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David Batista said...

Great clips. I actually watched all of them! Never did see these fights, so thanks for this. I'm off to watch some Rocky movies now. :)

Btw, do you watch Lights Out on the F/X network? It's currently my favorite show on tv. I eagerly await each new episode like a little kid on Christmas!

getyourselfconnected said...

Glad you liked the clips David. No, I gave up TV except for sports or watching movies months ago. I really don't miss it.

David Batista said...

Oh I hear you on the no tv thing, GYC. I severely cut back on my own tv watching a few years back to focus on writing. But I do watch a handful of shows which are, to me, extremely good. Lights Out fits that bill. The best boxing show I've ever seen in terms of the drama going on behind the ring, not so much the boxing in the ring.