Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Fricasse

Another week goes by. I think I was a bit overwhelmed this week. Too much going on along many fronts. Well, there's no crying in blogging!

Market Operations
I had set stop losses for all my open positions last night but this morning I changed my mind and sold everything after the market opened. The action in stocks has become too choppy and disjointed as of late and I wanted to clear the trading account for some new ideas. Losses in MFB (-2%) and COCO (-3%) were beaten back by small wins in HSY (+1.4%), DAN (1.4%) and two nice wins in BUD (+5.5%) and AIXG (+7%). I will do work on Sunday and Monday for some new ideas.

Good News and Bad News
Author Jake of the site EconomPic is moving out west to California! I wish him the best in his new surroundings though I am sure he will do quite well. That is the good news.

The bad news is the blog EconomPic is closing up shop:
EconomRIP Edition
This is a huge down note. Over the years I could usually see a chart someplace on the web that belonged to EconomPic with no credit given and it was fun to narc them out! Author Jake was also a regular visitor here at the site and was always responsive and interactive in his comments section which is a huge thing to this writer. All my best Jake and please stop in or drop me a line anytime.

Economic Stuff
I am burned out on this stuff for the week but a few items:
-Alan Greenspan should be put in jail or at least not be allowed to talk anymore. That guy is now I think clearly insane and he was running the FED for a long time. I am sure Bernanke is perfectly clear of mind.
-Jobs numbers still slowly getting a little better which is perfectly consistent with the business cycle peak where the stock market would have you believe we are now.
-Oil at $140 was bullish back in 2008, remember?
-The volume on big down days dwarfs the volume on up days.
-Did The Pragmatic Capitalist really write this article:
Revisiting the Mystery Buyer...
-Don't ask me about mining stocks EXK, SLW, and NGD. I will not talk about them and when I took a pass on buying them a while ago. I want to puke now.

Friday Night Entertainment
Somebody has to do it.

Headlines to Consider
By now readers are well aware of my well founded fear of robots taking over the world. I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness trying to warn the masses of the impending disaster. Here us another one sure to come back to haunt us all:
Is the Navy Trying to Start the Robot Apocalypse?
Whenever the military rolls out a new robot program, folks like to joke about SkyNet or the Rise of the Machines. But this time, the military really is starting to venture into robot-apocalypse territory: swarms of little semi-autonomous machines that can team up to manufacture complex objects (including, presumably, more robots).
That’s right, the only thing scarier than a swarm of intelligent military mini robots is a swarm of intelligent military mini robots in control of the means of production. And your Navy is hard at work on making it a reality.

If that was not enough, why are we even asking this question????:
Could Scientists Really Create a Zombie Apocalypse Virus?
Maybe I was wrong, it might be better to blow money on Facebook IPO's rather than fund these projects!

Cartoons and Other Entertainment
I was thrown back in the time machine upon seeing this post over at The Bimillennial Man:
I mean, who does not know The Thundercats? Awseome.

Klo (Who is hosting a big give away contest!) remembers The Barbapappa's but I have to say I never saw even one episode! Shocking I know.

Before I throw you a must see animated film, you have to check if you have seen the following:
-Transformers the Movie

-The Dark Crystal

-Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas

-The Last Unicorn

If you scored a 4, you may have seen the next film.

This film scared the crap out of me when I was young. From the aged wizard Nicodemus and the part demon Great Owl to the violent clashes and adult themes, the film "The Secret of NIMH" is a very memorable one for me:

100% recommended.

A few choice Photobombs!

Giddy Up!
photobomb that guy - Horse Is A Killer
see more This is Photobomb

In the digital age, kids get away with NOTHING!!! (you must click for bigger picture!):
photobomb that guy - Pudding Bomb
see more This is Photobomb
Dang it.

Rock Blogging
I want to give a shout out to one of the most fun posts I have ever read. Over at The Serial Killer Files, JH writes the following post and intro:
The Soundtrack of My Life (1980-1989)
I was a child of the '80s. Well, actually, I was born in the '70s, but most of my formative years took place between 1980 and 1989, so just about every song I listened to during that time goes hand-in-hand with a memory.
Click on over for the list, great post!

Reader Gawains wants a bit of Bob Seger and suggests "Rosalie":

Gawains knows real estate, farmland, and music!

The last time I played "Run to You" by Bryan Adams was just under a year ago, but I heard it on the radio and to exorcise the song from my head it goes on:

Love it.

I wanted to play some Guns n Roses "Night Train" live but Axl Rose's worst weakness was how terrible he sings in concert. Just could not do it, he is no Bruce Dickinson that's for sure. Here is the studio version:

You want 80's? How about John Parr's "St. Elmo's Fire"?:

Great song, better film.

Two left, do not despair all men (and women) lose heart....

I love Buddy Holly, but Marshall Crenshaw's cover may be the update that beats the original for "Crying, Waiting, Hoping":


Last call! Grab a drink and a girl, or one or the other.

Closing the show with Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba" whatever that means:

Rock out! Cool live version here.

Have a good night.


KLo said...

Yay :) I am, of course, 4/4 on the films (plus of course Secret of NIMH), and I'm starting to think you are my brother masquerading under a different identity lol (similarities=uncanny...but my brother's a cool guy, or "massive", as we said growing up, so it's meant as a compliment :-))

getyourselfconnected said...

Wow, 4 for 4 and the bonus round on NIMH! Want a silver ounce?

Thanks for the kind words...I do hope all is well in Klo land.

watchtower said...

"Could Scientists Really Create a Zombie Apocalypse Virus?"

Got shotgun?

"swarms of little semi-autonomous machines that can team up to manufacture complex objects (including, presumably, more robots)."

This is weird, I just started reading Michael Crichton's book 'Prey', here is the gist of it from Wiki:

"The swarm is created by genetically modified E. coli bacteria, which create gamma assemblers from raw materials that, in turn, manufacture nanobots."

GYSC, I'm going to Vegas tomorrow so I won't be posting next week, but I wanted to throw this off topic (and meaningless probably) comment out there:

First off you know I'm a car guy.
But what I haven't mentioned is that I usually drive by the car lots on Sunday after eating out with the family.
Since 08 (the crash) I would usually be the only guy on the lot seeing if they maybe had gotten in an old Camaro or Firebird, Mustang, etc. that I could maybe buy right and fix up to sell.

Well here lately (last month or so) the car lots have been swamped with people looking at new and used cars.
It almost seems as if people are just tired of not spending money or something.

So where am I going with this?
I'm starting to think that maybe things really are turning around, I mean people were out in droves looking at cars this past weekend even though the gas is currently heading upwards.
It's like they just don't give a crap and they are ready to spend.

I don't live in a housing bubble area so maybe it's not this way everywhere, but if it is I just wonder if a man could get back into the market for an extended period even at the current levels?

Or perhaps Vegas has just got me itching to lose some money, I don't know.

getyourselfconnected said...

No joke you are right. The big, HUGE, difference is that no one (in reality) has any money but the spend culture is ingrained. I dont want to get all gloomer, but now is a worse time to deploy capital than a year ago. I may be wrong.

getyourselfconnected said...

To add, most car guys are pretty smart and are picking up items cheap.

watchtower said...

Happy Birthday GYSC!

I'm not sure if you meant your birthday is this weekend or next,
but wanted to get that in before I left.

I know you have a policy of playing whomever's birthday it is their favorite song, wish I could do something similar for you, but alas I just can't figure out how to get a Randy Rhoads vid to pop up in the comments section : )

Anonymous said...

"This film scared the crap out of me when I was young."

Ha! Funny coincidence, but a buddy of mine, his wife & 2 young kids visited our ski house last weekend. After a few minutes of watching a video in the basement, the kids come upstairs running, Mommy - that movie is SCARY!

Turns out, we had a copy of the Secret of NIMH down there, and the mom, not having ever seen it, and thinking "its a cartoon it must be ok" inadvertently scared the crap out of her kids!

Come to think of it, thats probably why my mom let me watch it 30 years ago...

getyourselfconnected said...

the newer cover to The Secret of Nimh makes the movie look all lovey dovey, but it is a serious flick. Hope the kids recover!

getyourselfconnected said...

I never wished Watchtower good luck in Vegas! Play 16 on the roulette wheel for me.

Jennifer Hillier said...

I've seen 4 of the 5 movies - never saw the Muppets one, which is strange considering I used to watch The Muppet Show all the time.

Thanks for the blog shout out. After scrolling through the rest of your post I have an urge to watch La Bamba again. :)

David Batista said...

I love La Bamba! I watched that movie more times than I can count when it used to air a lot on HBO back in the day. Ah, the memories! :)

Also, The Last Unicorn was the first cartoon movie I ever saw in theaters when I was a kid. Confused the hell out of me, but the imagery stuck with me all these years. I watched it again recently on DVD and was blown away. Better than I remembered!

And, hey, thanks for the blog plug. Thundercats HO!, indeed. :)

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