Monday, September 27, 2010

November Surprise?

I thought Miami was going to pull that game out last night, but those Jets are a crafty bunch. Not much defense on display last night, but the offenses were rolling.

November Surprise?
The indices closed ugly and the catalyst may have been a story which made the case that the FED may do small QE moves over the long term instead of one massive push. As we know, the markets are based 100% on fundamentals and are showing the strength of the recovery not reflecting unlimited liquidity pumping. Here is the WSJ item:
Fed Weighs New Tactics to Bolster Recovery

It is too early to make a call on this, but I am sure the markets will not like any back tracking by the FED.

Sharp Items
It would be worth your time to check out these two articles form today.

Via Leigh Drogen:
Would You Practice Brain Surgery?

The Reformed Broker shares a cool missive from David Blair (The Crosshairs Trader):
Earning Your Stock Trading Degree at Idiot University

Gonzalo Lira has this take on Monetization of the Debt which fits nicely with what we have been discussing:
Gonzalo Lira: How The Fed Gave Away $1.5 Trillion Through Stealth Monetization

Have a good night.

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