Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Greatest "Rick-Roll" of ALL TIME!!!!

Simply EPIC:

Best ever. (Tear comes to eye) As seen on Geekologie here.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stop It With the Manning-Brady Bullshit Already

Long time readers know how huge an NFL fan I am and this post is NFL related. Anything you were looking for, by now you should know, related to finance and markets should be seen at Business Insider which can recount all the "Markets are EXPLODING HIGHER" news you need.

Stop It With the Manning-Brady Bullshit Already
I feared this game going into the playoffs, not because of the Wes Welker angle and not because I fear the Broncos offense. I do, everyone should. I just expected this Patriots team to lose to the Bengals (LOL I know, never bet FOR Marvin Lewis/Andy Dalton in the Wild Card round). But of course here we are.

Which QB is better? Let me run the stats........


I won't bore you with stuff you already know. Stats are stats, but games and seasons are forever memory.

Superbowl wins are special, they are immortal. But like anything else in real life, they are lucky. Either due to circumstance (Joe Montana under Bill Walsh and the whole "West Coast Offense" was unheard of in the league) or blind dog luck (see so many big plays over the past few years were one off type of things, just lucky stuff) that you cannot over rate Superbowl wins over other measures of greatness.

Trent Dilfer has a Superbowl ring. OMFG so he must be better than Dan Marino who, because of how amazing he was, the team management never tried to surround him with a real team. Just rely on Dan to sell tickets. Yeah, I would pick Dilfer on my all time team over Marino. Ridiculous. Don't forget John Elway was a 3 time loser until the Denver brass got him some real players. Then he became immortal. Poor Jim Kelly, well, I cannot explain that one.

If you had either Brady or Manning over the past 10-13 years I don't think the team with the other one would feel cheated. It is what it is.

With all that said, I really hope my beloved Patriots can get another shot at the big game. But WTF, you see Seattle and San Francisco this year? Maybe it would be better to lose the AFC Title Game and save face!!! Those teams are both terrifying!

Have a good night.

Friday, January 10, 2014

With Hulk Hogan Behind the Patriots, They Are Going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!! Brutha!


If by some miracle my beloved Patriots make the Superbowl they should get The Undertaker to do a message and come out to his music at the game: