Friday, October 6, 2017

So, Where Have I Been?

Well, of course, I have been where I am!

It's been a good few years away from this blog. I do miss some folks terrible, and I sort of miss things financial.

But, life goes on, moves in ebbs and tides.

The job I landed a while ago is really about the best place I can be. I dedicate plenty of time to that.

"Christine" the Camaro is fine and good and now as I don't driver her much (too long of a commute with a now heavily modified muscle car) so she only has 15k miles.

I have developed a true love for Japanese swords. Not the reproductions, but true hand made early era nihonto that are hundreds of years old.

I have 2 as of now and if I post at all here, it's going to be about nihonto and my study of the art.

Some pictures to start a post:

I don't know how much I will post or if I will at all, but wanted to share.

Have a good night.