Saturday, January 17, 2015

AFC Title Game - "Once More Into the Fray"

Back in week 4 of this NFL season, I thought, I really believed the most amazing and dominant run in NFL history was over.

The Patriots were done. We were done. The Kansas City game cemented the end of all the Patriots have accomplished. Time goes on, time wears all things down.

I actually cried a bit after that game. To think Tom Brady would go someplace else next year made me sick. To think the best and most amazing QB I have ever seen (YES, I saw Montana in his best days) could no longer outrun father time made me hurt.

And then the Patriots closed ranks.

The rest you know. After another incredible run, the Patriots are playing in the AFC title game tomorrow. I have never been so proud. An epic confrontation against the Ravens last week should galvanize this team.

So, once more into the fray.....

Go Patriots!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Deep Pocket Swiss Dropped the Euro Peg - MASSIVE ECB QE COMING!!!!!!!! OMFG! (panting, out of breadth!)

Deep Pocket Swiss Dropped the Euro Peg - MASSIVE ECB QE COMING!!!!!!!! OMFG! (panting, out of breadth!)
Look, I don't really look at this stuff too much anymore.

Overall I have confidence in how my money is MINE and protected (ever heard of cash savings?) and invested (ETF of S&P 500 and the Nasdaq have been fine) plus a few bonus ideas: (robotics, well angles I know about them) and I really don't chase money like the pimps on the street and sell you on a new era of bullshit built on baloney (which is just a big hot dog).

I am not a currency trader, but all the usual blowhard "QE IS GOD" folks like Joe Weisenthal and others (Many similar types have yet to weigh in, as is often the case on bad market days) say this means MASSIVE QE from the ECB next week. Hey, probably.

And I am sure to my bones that salami makers, BMW employees, Greek resort managers, and other Euro types are ready, willing, and able to go investment crazy because interest rates drop a whole, check the decimals folks, 0.02 or some stupid bullshit that makes no sense.

I mean, often times as a consumer I find myself saying "Shit! I could increase aggregate demand by a lot if only, if ONLY, I could buy that (TV, Car, House, condoms, stocks from CNBC) at a whole 2bps less than last fucking week!"

No one thinks like that.

So I hope the ECB does QE like a boss and buys 17 Trillion of all the Euro bonds because maybe, just maybe, you all out there that are asleep and allowing this shit to go on all the time so you are not bothered, may just wonder why that made no difference in anything that mattered. If everything is so great and wonderful, how can a US Fed hike of 25bps be "CATASTROPHIC". This is bad theater.

Money is free and it has been for 6 years. So what.

In case you have not noticed, if I blog, It's going to get nasty!

Have a good night.