Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I trust you all had a great 2013 and Christmas season!

It's been a wild ride for this writer all year. Exciting work challenges, home improvements, smoking meat, and another glorious NFL season.

I played fantasy football for the first time last year in my work league, losing in the championship final. This year I got to the work league playoffs, but was upset because Calvin Johnson stank up the joint against the Ravens. I made two title rounds in 2 of the 3 other leagues I played in and it's yet to be decided. Not to bad!

On things economic, there was some good stuff (better jobs numbers sort of, Europe got quiet, credit expanded, the market took off), and some bad stuff (credit expanded in bad things (cars, student loans), market took off masking risk, Paul Krugman is still considered smart!). Long time readers know it's always my advice to stick conservative and aim for ~ 10% a year returns. If you did not step on a landmine this year, and it would have been hard to, then you probably made 2-4 years worth of returns this past year. It's ok to bank it and play light next year. I am doing just that.

For Christmas the wife got me a video called "Black Air: The Buick Gran National Documentary" and this of course has me even more crazed over muscle cars than normal.

I am always checking the awesome site RK Motors in Charlotte and it's getting harder and harder not to pull the trigger on a vintage Plymouth GTX or a 1955 Chevy. Or maybe a 1987 GNX? Who knows but it's about time to trade in the Infiniti and I could get crazy!

All my best for the new year!

Have a good night.