Friday, November 29, 2019

Yes, Well, It's Still a Friday Night

I doubt anyone is still reading the old stuff, but I have a quiet Friday night and figured, why not a Friday Night Rock Blog?

I found this one recently (last year or so) but it's so amazing.

From 1970; Black Sabbath in Paris with "N.I.B":
Turn that UP!!!

I am a middle ground Led Zeppelin fan (No Quarter is my favorite) but this female cover band does a nasty good "When the Levee Breaks". Here is Zepparella:

Some of the new Country has my interest. Here is Luke Combs and "Beer Never Broke My Heart":

Sort of a half music/half film pick, but I highly recommend the film "The Grey" and this piano scene and dialogue is beautiful:

One more for the Weekend. Let AC/DC get you ready for the weekend with "Thunderstruck" live at the River Plate:

Have a good night.