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2010 NFL Week 2 Preview and Forecast

I have no idea where the time went today! The wife and I were out shopping today for some new clothes. By some stroke of extreme luck they actually had my size pants for once (32X32). I will be looking spiffy next week.

I am of the opinion that I don't care what people call me, as long as they call me, so when I saw over at The Reformed Broker terms like "excellent" and "eclectic" I was humbled. Thanks Josh!

2010 NFL Week 2 Preview and Forecast
Week One Results: 11 Wins 5 Losses

I think every year most observers like to say "this year the NFL is wide open" but in the last 10 years I don't really think that was true more than maybe 2 times. This year is certainly the third time because it is, well, wide open!

This year every game is huge and teams better be aware of their division and conference records because the playoffs are going to be a tough show to get a ticket to. With all that said, here is my outlook for week 2.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans
The Steelers beat the Falcons last week without Big Ben and with Troy Polamalu back the defense looks downright nasty. The Titans have been a new team since last years 0 for start. I think the Titans find a way to win this game at home.
Titans 17, Steelers 14

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals
An interesting game to see where both teams are. The Ravens were gifted several opportunities last week to beat the Jets and the Bengals were blown away by the Patriots. This is a huge AFC North game. I think the Bengals are better than they played last week, but Baltimore historically starts the season fast.
Ravens 20, Bengals 17

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions
Who cares? Michael Vick's first start in a long time.
Eagles 28, Lions 17

Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons were really bad on offense all preseason and it carried over into the opener last week. Tough game to call, though I hope Derek Anderson does well.
Falcons 23, Cardinals 20

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings
The best of the early games and this should be a good one. The Dolphins run well, the Vikings are the best run defense. Something has to give! I like the Viking defense in this one, though this game could get aerial and wild late.
Vikings 31, Dolphins 27

Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns
Wow, who really cares?
Chiefs 20, Browns 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers
Honestly, I have not seen either team in the preseason and I did not review either teams game last week. No idea.
Panthers 14, Bucs 10

Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers
The Packer defense is going to roll the Bills struggling offense.
Packers 28, Bills 13

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys draw a game against a team that can play really well or fall apart in the Bears. Demarcus Ware is back for the Cowboys and he should get Jay Cutler uncomfortable. The Cowboy offensive line had better wake up because Julius Peppers does not play around. Dangerous game for the Cowboys here and I am tempted to pick Chicago.
Cowboys 20, Bears 16

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos
Here in New England we know Pete Caroll, hee hee. I have no real take on the Seahawks as yet, last week the 49ers fell apart for them. The Broncos are in flux right now. Close game to call.
Broncos 24, Seahawks 21

St. Louis Rams at Oakland Raiders
Now I did say the Raiders will be good by seasons end, not on week one obviously! I think the Raiders have enough to get this one done, but I would not be surprised if they lose by double digits.
Raiders 16, Rams 14

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Diego Chargers
Bad weather made things hard for the Chargers last week while the Jags looked pretty good. Upset special?
Jaguars 27, Chargers 24

New England Patriots at New York Jets
The game of the week! The Jets could not have made more mistakes last week. I think this week they will scrap all that crappy pre-snap motion baloney and get back to smash mouth football. If Randy Moss wants another 3 year deal at 10 million a year, he has to beat Darrelle Revis for at least a few catches. Key things to watch in this one:
-Jets are going to blitz (no kidding) and I imagine they learned from last year what Welker can do to them. The Pats tight ends might have a monster game should the Jets rotate the safety in close to cover Welker with the cornerback.
-Tom Brady has been pretty poor against Rex Ryan defenses, so I do not expect a big game.
-The Jets need to run a lot more, and it will be interesting to see if the Pats can stop them as they could not stop the run last year.
Very hard game to call. I am just not sure the Jets will get enough points to win unless they force some turnovers, which they very well might.
Patriots 23, Jets 20

Houston Texans at Washington Redskins
The Skins won an ugly contest last week while the Texans scored a monster win against the Colts. Classic let down game for the Texans here, but they rally late and do not hold on the final play to win a shootout.
Texans 31, Redskins 27

New York Giants at Indianapolis Colts
Bob Sanders is out again for the Colts and must be nearing the end of his career. The Giants are back defensively in a big way. The Colts have a serious run defense issue. I want to pick the G-men but I do no think Peyton will lose two in a row. The Giants might run for 300 yards, but Manning pulls it out late.
Colts 28, Giants 27

New Orleans Saints at San Francisco 49ers (Monday)
I think the Niners will play much better but this is the Champs after all.
Saints 30, 49ers 20

Enjoy the games!

Knocked out by a Jab
If Scharfy is around he will like this one!

I was just watching Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. William "Caveman" Lee from 1982. This is the Hagler Sugar Ray Leonard never would have fought no matter what. Here Hagler (who is a southpaw) practically knocks out the challenger with a right jab! Yes, a jab (skip to the 5:00 minute mark):

There were a few more punches but Lee was out on his feet from a jab. Nasty!

Have a good night.

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scharfy said...

just laughing at that jab that wobbled Caveman. Thats nasty. Hagler such a real life bad-ass. (that guy was no slouch he floored 21-2 with 20ko's i think) Good clip.

On another note, my Bears are playing another team without any spine (Cowboys), and both teams need to assert themselves physically and emotionally. I think Dallas may just have to much juice, but Dallas has become one dimensional without a real word beater at WR1. And they don't seem to care too much about football, based on their lackluster effort - so they may be vulnerable

Both teams need a good performance and I'll be tickled if we squeak it out with Dallas.

I think the Giants will embarrass the Colts and I'm looking for Redskins to move to 2-0 vs Houston.

I'm looking for NE to take the Jets apart and leave everyone's sexy pick "The JETS" 0-2.

Party ON!