Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 NFL Week 3 Preview and Picks

I must have collected about 400 pounds of acorns today using the "nut wizard". There are still plenty out there! Unreal.

2010 NFL Week 3 Preview and Picks
Last week I went 9-7 and I should have went with my gut on a few calls. By week 4 I should be more dialed in.

Bengals at Panthers
How the Bengals seem to own the Ravens is something I do not understand. They will get the road win this week.
Bengals 27, Panthers 17

Bills at Patriots
Seeing as the Bills offense cannot pass the ball, the Patriots should be ok in this one though they are unlikely to score in the second half.
Patriots 35, Bills 14

Titans at Giants
Two teams that are a mess. Hard to pick this one.
Giants 20, Titans 17

Browns at Ravens
The Ravens are a puzzle right now but the Browns are really bad.
Ravens 23, Browns 13

Steelers at Buccaneers
It is shocking how good the Steelers are playing right now.
Steelers 20, Bucs 13

Falcons at Saints
The Falcons got some scoring in last week and the Saints have been a little sloppy. No Reggie Bush will hurt as well. Could be an upset here, but...
Saints 31, Falcons 28

Lions at Vikings
Hey Vikings, just hand it to AP already!
Vikings 20, Lions 10

Cowboys at Texans
The Texans pulled off a miracle last week. The Cowboys are really struggling. In the battle for Texas the winner is...
Texans 27, Cowboys 20

Eagles at Jaguars
Another game between hot or cold teams. No idea on this one.
Eagles 23, Jags 20

Redskins at Rams
The Skins snatched defeat from the jaws of victory last week. They have enough to win this one.
Redskins 17, Rams 10

Colts at Broncos
Just when you think the Colts are done, they blow some one away. They have too much for the Broncos to handle.
Colts 28, Broncos 17

Raiders at Cardinals
The Cards have been worse than I expected. Can the Raiders keep their focus for a road win? No.
Cardinals 20, Raiders 16

Chargers at Seahawks
I hate the Chargers.
Chargers 30, Seahawks 14

Jets at Dolphins
Game of the week. Last year the Dolphins abused the Jets in the two games they played. The Jets looked like a good offense last week, but that was against the New England non-defense. I like Miami this week and next week as well.
Dolphins 24, Jets 20

Packers at Bears
The Bears have surprised, just as I had predicted! People will be surprised again as they win a shootout against the Packers.
Bears 34, Packers 31

Strange season so far, teams up one week fall apart the next and vice versa. Should be a good football day!

QE Battle Royal
Look! It is a Battle Royal for the right to decide just what the heck QE is and does! All the bloggers showed up!:

Hee hee.

I saw my main man Josh of The Reformed Broker playing some new age music that was nifty I guess. I said NO! We need to go back in time, not forward! As if all new movies are so fake and rely on 3-D or other graphic tricks, now music will follow? Keep it, I got my real power right here:

That is fine indeed. So is this.

Have a good night.