Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Out Loud

We had to put on the gas fireplace tonight, it is pretty chilly!

Awesome game last night as the New Orleans Saints defeat the Minnesota Vikings 14-9. All the press was how the game was low scoring but I was focused on how the Saints were able to run inside against the top run defense in the league. That would scare me more than the usual aerial show! Full NFL post tomorrow.

Week Ends
Ok, maybe I have been a bit negative this week, so I will lay off the economics tonight. I could hardly do better than Mish on this item from today anyway:
Instant Insanity
Willem Buiter, chief economist for Citigroup arguably provides another example of why shares of Citigroup are sitting in the gutter at $4 a share in spite of trillions of dollars in bailouts to banks.
The fact that Buiter entertains "innovative and unorthodox" measures such as "expiring currency" proves he is off his rocker even though he states "the mere fact that something has not been done before often is sufficient grounds for not doing it now."
Any chief economist, anywhere in the world, should be able to come up with better rationale than that.
There is plenty more where that came from so check it out.

Friday Night Entertainment
Yeah, this is going to be a good one, probably a long one too! I was inundated with requests so I will apologize up front if I cannot get to everything!

Greatest Invention Ever!
Well maybe not the greatest, but close! I submit the Nut Wizard (get your minds out of the gutter!):

The acorns in the yard do not stand a chance, and yes I have already tried it! I love it!

Disturbing Move in the Robot Revolution
I find this item very disturbing:
Robots capable of 'deceiving humans' built by crazed boffins
Oh No! From the story:
"We have developed algorithms that allow a robot to determine whether it should deceive a human or other intelligent machine and we have designed techniques that help the robot select the best deceptive strategy to reduce its chance of being discovered," says Arkin, proudly.
"We strongly encourage discussion about the appropriateness of deceptive robots to determine what, if any, regulations or guidelines should constrain the development of these systems," adds the prof.
So there you have it - conclusive proof that robots are quite capable of lying to or otherwise deceiving their fleshy masters. Don't trust the machines. 'We do understand there's a downside to this'
Remember, these things start small and innocent and build.

Odds and Ends
Various items that could be worth a look.

-An artificial kidney getting closer?
-Do you know to whom the horse Bucephalus belonged?
--A great write up on Anterograde Amnesia:
“I don’t remember things,” Henry explained to the unfamiliar female interviewer. She seemed very curious about how he spends a typical day, and about what he had eaten for breakfast, but his efforts to summon the information from his mind were fruitless. He could easily answer her questions regarding his childhood and early adult years, but the indefinite expanse of time since then was bereft of memories. In fact, from moment to moment Henry feels almost as though he has just awakened from a deep sleep, with the fleeting remnants of a dream always just beyond his grasp. Each experience, dull or dramatic, evaporates from his memory within a few dozen heartbeats and leaves no trace.
For over fifty years Henry has lived with anterograde amnesia, a form of profound memory loss which prevents new events from reaching his long-term memory. As a result his only memories are those he possessed prior to his amnesia, and the small window of moments immediately preceding the present.
Much more at the link.
-The 15 Hottest Hollywood Actresses that have strict No Nudity clauses. Sorry guys! (Note, link is a little edgy and NSFW)

Video Killed the Radio Star
Stuff to watch!

Mike Tyson's first fight after his loss to Buster Douglas was against Henry Tillman. Now the fight was not supposed to be hard, and it wasn't, but I LOVE the sarcasm on display by announcer Larry Merchant. Skip to the 3:20 mark, watch Tillman get KO'd, and then Merchant yells out "SURPRISE!!!!!"! Classic funny:

Love it.

I really love the film "The Mask of Zorro" and check the scene from the 1:40 mark to 3:10 for my favorite part:


If you have not seen "Zombieland" yet you are missing out. Zombie Kill of the week?:

Was that a baby grand piano?

Rock Blogging
In the end, it is about the tunes is it not? Quite a few requests for the show this week, but not all can make it. What will we see tonight?

Reader C-T was looking for some Counting Crows and "Anna Begins" which is weird because I have this album but could not remember the tune! Very nice one indeed:

Lurker requested "Please Come to Boston" by Dave Loggins and why anyone would want to come here I have no idea, but the song was pretty cool and I had never heard it before:

Watchtower was maybe "Dreaming" about Blondie front woman Debbie Harry and this is a nice version live from the Glasgow Theater:

Debbie Harry can visit my dreams anytime!

Ok, this is a direct ripoff of a tune over at The Illusion of Prosperity, but he is used to it and I do so LOVE Lacuna Coil! Try out "Our Truth":

For more, a nice cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence". Sweet!

Quite a few requests for CCR this week! I thought I had played all their tunes by now, and all are so great. I searched the sight, and "Long as I Can See the Light" has yet to make an appearance:

Guess I've go that old travelin' bone!

Only two songs left! I am always excited to do the Friday night post, but I hate when it ends. I could do this all night! Still, it is what it is!

Let get it going with Heart showcasing what real vocal talent can do with "If Looks Could Kill":

Live no less!

Last call! Time to close the show! Grab a girl, a drink, or the mouse and get ready!

You need some bluesy, heavy metal, rock out tunage? I have you covered with Black Sabbath and N.I.B.!:

That song is sick as all GET OUT!!!!!

Have a good night.


Lurker said...

Glad I picked a tune you'd never heard before. Something new for a change.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Indeed Lurker! I liked it very much. What do you mean, I don't play random stuff?

watchtower said...

Nut Wizard?

I thought you were going to hire a squirrel 'whisperer' to come in and take care of that situation?

EconomicDisconnect said...

WT, you have no idea how many acorns I have this year! I would need a million squirrels!

scharfy said...

lacuna coil just made my ipod... New to me

good stuff