Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ask a Question

The wind today is huge and I am hoping it can clear off the rest of the acorns from the trees. I am looking forward to serious yard work ahead (snark)! At least I have a mini vacation coming up!

Tomorrow is Friday Night and you know what that means, but read on and see if maybe you, the readers, can add to the post.

Ask a Question
I had a few things I was going to write about, but I am not feeling it. More of the same it seems every day and it matters less all the time. A 1.6% print for GDP would be terrible, but it's great for now at this stage of the recovery. FX moves being made all around and Mexico writes Dollar options now? Ok. The mortgage document fraud stuff is now getting more coverage, but I already told you how that will play out.

I saw this headline when I got home:
Awesome Month For Stocks Ends With Frightening Thud: Here's What You Need To Know
When I looked up the closing numbers, it was barely down! Must be a bull market if a tiny dump makes headlines.

Most of all I guess I want to know what you, the readers, want to know about.

Between tonight and tomorrow around 7pm (eastern), submit questions or areas you would want my opinion on in the comments or via the email to the left. I will answer anything and everything that I can tomorrow night before the show. I will give you my take on anything. I cannot say I will be right or that I may even be able to offer something depending on your question, but I will do my best. This is your chance to "interview" Economic Disconnect! I know, try to contain yourself.

I actually wish bloggers would do this regularly, I would love to have a chance to get an inside look at how a writer I like thinks. I think my blog is small enough that I can handle the whole 5 requests I will get, but I can see how larger sites could run into trouble.

Questions can include;
-Targets for stocks
-Targets for metals
-My likes, dislikes
-Boxing History
-Genetics/Biotech/Microbiology/anything related
-Personal Experience (keep it clean!)

Let it fly and I promise to get everything answered. How many times will you get this chance? Along the way I may get an idea what people are thinking about and wondering about right now and that may guide some posts going forward. I do get something out of it!

If nothing else, just leave a Friday request so I know folks are out there!

When I was not at Wikipedia, FINVIZ, or my blogroll here is what I clicked today and into tonight:

-Most complete beer 'proteome' finding could lead to engineered brews

-It's not legs or breasts that make men go weak at the knees - to catch a fellow's eye, show a bit of arm (BALONEY!)

-Ok I wrote this one in jest (not really): "Study shows that TARP and QE Money used as a total tax holiday for taxpaying Americans would have led to an amazing economic recovery, as proven by Chi Square analysis"

-The Sauciest Moments from the Best Ever Month of Sci-Fi Burlesque (NSFW oops!)

-Bad Ex

-Ok, One Financial! Mish gets a letter from a REAL LIFE business owner, the kind the FED never talks to, and here is what he has to say (summation):
So QE actions by the Fed have no effect on us. Interest rates could go to zero and it still would not matter. What we are NOT seeing are credit card rates going down - now THAT might help us somewhat.
Keep buying those bonds Boom Boom!

-Can Bacteria Make You Smarter?

-Could computers and robots become conscious -- if so, what happens then?

-Zacatecas 8 Reale Discussion

-BBQ related: "September 4 Ingredient Challenge" done well by the maestro.

-Ha! Paper money swappable for gold!

-Or pure fiat!

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

First things first, I don't know if you think this band sucks or not but here goes: I would like to request Triumphs song 'Magic Power'.

It is a live version from 1983 at the US festival.
Warning! There is bikini clad girls dancing around in this video in case stuff like this offends your sensibilities.

OK, now that the request has been submitted I would like to ask a question.

I almost this question last night but figured you had already went to bed and it was a little off topic anyway.

First of all, I was over at Dave at Denvers site 'The Golden Truth' yesterday and noticed a chart that he had up titled 'United States Debt And The Presidents Responsible For It'.

My question is this, What do you think is the US's 'Debt Chandrasekhar Limit' and when will we hit it?

What has kept us from imploding so far?

EconomicDisconnect said...

Great question and that 'Debt Chandrasekhar Limit' is as smart a post as I have seen (LOL)!

I will answer all, tomorrow.

Lurker said...

My music request for Friday night is "Time Passages" by Al Stewart.

Anonymous said...

Whats the Chandrasekhar Limit? Right now, 40 trillion. When will we hit it? Unknown.

What has kept us from imploding so far? The US is the "least bad" option on the face of the planet. We are protected by the "mutually assured destruction" doctrine that kept us from launching nukes during the cold war.

Even if the bond vigilantees had their entire wealth stored outside of the US, the would not go after the US because if they did, it would cause turmoil and worldwide panic. Destroying the US would destroy everytyhing everyone else owned elsewhere - and nobody wants that.

Long term, as the US becomes a weaker country on the worlds stage (i.e. we have long been surpassed by China, India, Brazil -- imagine the US being as important as say Canada is today). When that happens, the Vigilantees will take us out because they will have safe harbors elsewhere. Until then, its print baby print! Print baby print!

Stagflationary Mark said...


If Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee would be in a real fight to death, who would win?

Chuck once answered that Bruce would win. Doesn't mean he was right though. Bruce Lee is no longer with us. Chuck is! Coincidence? ;)

"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." - Bruce Lee

EconomicDisconnect said...

Nice answers and I will add my own later. Did not want anyone to get confused.

great question!

At least I will have a couple, not any interest it seems.

Dave in Denver said...

Hey GYC, good call on your comment on my post today. Here's the other thing: Looking at gold over the past 15 in the context of it being manipulated lower and held down, how in the hell can anyone judge what "overbought" means? It's not overbought technically until it gets a least over the inflation adjusted high of around $2500 since 1980.

Until that happens, there's no such thing as gold being technically "overbought" from a trading perspective. And even then it's just one measure of "fair" value.

Gartman can shove his newsletter and his ideas up his ass. He's a moron.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


Why is boxing no longer a dominant sport in America? Dempsey used fight in front of 100k. Cultural reasons? Love ur take on that.


Zydecopaws said...

Hey, thanks for the call out for the September Four Ingredient Challenge. Sorry I didn't see this earlier and get my interview questions submitted in time.

Anonymous said...

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