Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wide World of Sports Saturday

My wife seems to have gotten food poisoning on Friday at lunch (I didn't so it!). She is feeling unwell and is off to bed early. I feel bad for her and hope she is better tomorrow.

As such, left to my own devices, I tend to head on over to YouTube and watch film clips, sports clips, and music for hours! At least it gets me off Wikipedia.....

Below are some sports clips I am watching.

Larry Bird - The Legend
With a back that was basically broken, Larry Bird posts a 49 point, 14 rebound, 12 assist masterpiece to beat the Trailblazers in 1992. At the 7:30 mark Bird gets an impossible three pointer to fall to force overtime (The Celtics would win in double overtime):
LINK - it is embed disabled for some reason?

Randy Moss and Tom Brady Set TD Record
This was so amazing to see live:

Yes I know the Pats would lose later, freaking NY teams.

Tracy Porter and the New Orleans Saints Win the Superbowl
Really wild live shot of the interception that sealed the win for my beloved Saints:


Andre Agassi Wins the 1994 US Open
Unseeded and playing the best tennis of his career (and maybe the best I have ever seen from anyone), Agassi blows away Michael Stich for the title (6:00 minute mark for the end):
Again, LINK. First 5 parts are embed enabled but not the last?
Stich was a real gentleman at the end as well.

Michael Moorer Comes Back Against Bert Cooper
After being all but knocked out in the first round (see here) Moorer KO's Cooper with some of the shortest, most highly leveraged power punches I have ever seen in round 5. Got to the 2:00 mark:

Set aside Moorer's weak jaw and lack of training discipline and he always reminded me of Joe Louis with those short power shots.

Jennifer Harman Gets Rivered
Jennifer Harman, one of the best if not THE BEST female Poker players, gets a little too cute with bet sizing and then gets rivered out at the 2005 WSOP:

Reminds me why I stopped playing poker a while ago, freaking luck makes too much of a difference. I would rather fight a guy or play them in tennis one on one.

Dale Earnhardt's Last Win
Coming from 20th with 10 laps to go, Dale gets the win and I was going crazy:


Have a good night.


David Batista said...

LOL, so *that* how you're able to find all these clips -- you practically live on Youtube? :)

Btw, I only know the rudiments of Poker playing. Well, I know the game and all, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to bet correctly. And only last year did I finally learn how to play Hold Em. But, dang, that Jack high straight flush was quite the spectacular finish there! I need to catch this on tv more.

Hope the missus is feeling better tomorrow.

getyourselfconnected said...

you are a tru gentleman! Thanks, the wife is getting better and that is good.

Its weird but all the clips I pick I see in my mind, I just have to find them on the tube. That Harman hand was nasty ugly. Poker is fun but in the end any donkey can win, like Chris Moneymaker LOL.

Jennifer Hillier said...

Hope Mrs. Disconnect feels better quick! Food poisoning is nothing to mess with.

1994 US Open... boy do I feel old watching that.

getyourselfconnected said...

Young at heart! I feel like back then watching that clip!

Namaste said...

Keep up the good work!

scharfy said...

Brilliant stuff from Moorer. I had never seen that clip. Just amazing inside work. Precision shots