Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This and That

I am not sure where the time is going this week, but I am short on it again!

Market Operations
I made some buys this morning:
-WNR (I know, again?!)
Will see how it goes.

Villains Answers
Reader David was pretty close! The rundown:
1. Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men)
2. Grand Moff Tarkin (Star Wars)
3. Sho'Nuff (The Last Dragon)
4. Christine (Christine)
5. Leo Balmudo (Grease)
6. Rexor (Conan the Barbarian)
7. Colonel Strelnikov (Red Dawn)
8. Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest)
9. The Kurgan (Highlander)
10. Johnny (The Karate Kid) and Chong Li (Bloodsport)
11. Master Vampire Barlow (Salem's Lot)
12. Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
Fun stuff.

Great Trading Posts
Greg Harmon runs the site Dragonfly Capital and I now stop in there every day. Mr. Harmon has skills across all kinds of charting and trading styles, one can learn a lot by reading his posts.

Here are two well worth a look:
Four Guys Walk up to a Copper Mine Field…
How about looking at copper through:
-Point and Figure Charts
-The way cool Andrew's Pitchfork
-Elliot Wave

A fun post is:
Picking The Car Company That Fits Your Style
Depending on if you are a daytrader, swing trader, or a position trader Mr. Harmon has a car company for you!

Robotic Baby!
To make you more of a mind to accept your robotic overlords, they are now making robotic babies! We get closer every day:

Full story:
Japanese university can’t stop building robotic babies

Have a good night.


Jennifer Hillier said...

How'd I miss #11? Shame on me! *headsmack* At least I guessed right on #8.

getyourselfconnected said...

That was the old Barlow, in the newer remake it was Rutger Hauer. Congrats on the great book review!

watchtower said...

If they think making robots into babies will keep me from crushing those little f'ers with my "Monster Robot Arms"...well it's like Judas Priest sez "You've got a another thing comin'"


getyourselfconnected said...

I remember those arms! Yes, let us crush the robot revolution before it gets going!

Mr Slippery said...

Three hits out of four on the stock picks. Not bad! I'm not really a stock guy, other than a metal ETF now and then.

Must follow more linkz...

getyourselfconnected said...

Mr. Slippery, that was today's action. Hoping for a bit more of a move.

David Batista said...

I really need to watch Red Dawn one of these days. Grease, too. And, damn, how could I not get the Conan one? *hits myself on the head* Jeez!

That was a good quiz, btw. Right down my alley! :)