Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back Home Again

While it is always fun to go on vacation it is even better to come back home in the end. I actually was missing the Pug dog a little and the Cat a lot. Got in last night at 2am so I am a bit off still.

Antigua Vacation
In short, it maybe was the best vacation the wife and I ever had. While I work on getting some pictures loaded (we used a new camera and need to get another piece to load the pictures to my ancient computer) here are a few highlights of the great parts:
-Met two really great people that we had way too much fun with with
-My wife catching the biggest Barracuda I have ever seen
-EconomicDisconnect doing Karaoke, a little Creedence, and making a fool of himself
-Adding to that I even did club dancing in a further effort to make myself look stupid
-Unreal setting
-Great room
-Plenty more good stuff.

Before you punch your ticket for a trip you may want to wait for my recapping the ridiculous travel issues we had getting to Antigua and getting out. I will leave it at if you want to go here you need to be extra patient as the small airport and dumb entry system will strain your nerves for hours to get in and out. Really the only negative of the trip. More later.

Home Cooking
The food at the resort was really amazing and high quality. Still, it is not like food cooked on the Big Steel Keg, and besides who eat when the booze is all inclusive????

That said, I needed a real meal today and seeing as I was on 3 hours sleep I figured why not roll the Keg out to it's place outside and get the cooking season started? I know, I have issues.

The meat counter staffer at the grocery store was setting out a bunch of new filet mignons, and I picked out two huge ones. A little sea salt, pepper, and a coating of EVOO and they were about set to go. I rounded the meal out with some onions and sliced portabella mushrooms. The before:

When you are cooking filets you cannot blow them off the grill with a super high sear, they need a little more even heating, especially ones this size. The Keg was at 500 degrees when the steaks went on. 5 minutes each side and then I dialed back the vents a little to get to 450 degrees. 10 minutes on each side gets them close to rare and at that point you add your other items and start glazing with A-1 sauce for a really wonderful outside crust. Here it all is almost done:

I have a grill topper to keep the onions from falling apart but it's in the basement and I did not feel like getting it.

About 10 minutes glazing while you flip every 2 minutes and the filets are at 130 internal in the middle and just right. Here was my welcome back home plate:


I forgot to get a cutaway picture, but it was done just right for me.

Other Stuff
Back to work tomorrow, hopefully I will get some sleep tonight. I will be doing some screens for stocks but I need to get a feel back before opening positions. Looking over the sites I frequent seems like a boring week so I don't think I missed too much.

Good to be back.

Silver Crashing and Drama
Right now (8:30pm EST) silver is down on the futures about 9% and was off 11% a while ago. Who knows what happens by morning but now would be a good time to look around and see how people view such a thing. Everyone likes to be 100% long, but 200% short at just the right time (?? I know). Everyone knows silver is a bubble right now, but if it opens in the real market unchanged it was just an anomoly? I don't know and I am not ready to really get into this stuff yet but I think it important to take a good look at this one section of the market between now and Tuesday.

Have a good night.


scharfy said...

Silver rocking dude...

getyourselfconnected said...

LOL scharfy! Maybe you should retry that short.......

David Batista said...

Great to have you back! LOL, karaoke AND club dancing? That liquor really must have been inclusive! :)

I would love to hear about the issues getting in and out of Antigua. As my wife's best friend is from there originally, I can't rule out the possibility that we'll go there at some point.

Take your time getting re-adjusted, my friend. Hey, my copy of Streets of Rage came in the mail from Netflix. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I will soon!

getyourselfconnected said...

hey David!

Hope you got "Streets of Fire" :) I think you will love it. I will get into more detail later but the flight scheduling and poorly staffed/set up airport makes getting in there a reall issue. Getting out is hard to with plenty of added fees as well.

watchtower said...

Your probably in bed by now GYSC but welcome back!

Please tell me you got a picture of that Barracuda that your wife caught, would love to see it if you did.

I'm starting to get the fishing bug pretty bad but it just won't stop raining around here.

getyourselfconnected said...

Hey Watchtower,

I do have some great pics of the fish, but my wife is clearly in them all! To keep her secret like me, I am not sure I can post them. I could email them them to you though? I am going to do all my freshwater stuff this week and make orders for what I need. It is Kayak season!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Welcome home!

Karaoke? Dancing?


GawainsGhost said...

Welcome back, GYC.

Yeah, I bet the travel arrangements were complicated and expensive. Big article in the newspaper this Sunday about the new questionaire for passports. It asks specific questions about your birth, where you've lived, where you've worked, and so on. A lot of people are upset about it, because as you may know a passport is now required for travel to Mexico. You cannot re-enter the US without one.

What a pain. Oh, well, at least Bin Laden is dead.

Anonymous said...

I do have some great pics of the fish, but my wife is clearly in them all! To keep her secret like me, I am not sure I can post them. I could email them them to you though? I am going to do all my freshwater stuff this week and make orders for what I need. It is Kayak season!

AW come on! Thats what I wanted to see too! Cant you just crop them so you cant see her head? Cmon Get -- I got a fever -- and the only thing that is going to cure it is Barracuda pics!!!

getyourselfconnected said...

Ok folks, I did crop the pictures so they will be up in a bit!

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