Thursday, October 21, 2010

Swords, Sorcery, Magic, Fantasy. Yeah, I Like It

I am about all set for my trip! With a cold snap moving in here in Massachusetts I will be getting away while the getting is good.

I have a bit of time to kill and there is probably no way I can really go to bed super early for my early flight (I get very nervy before trips) so I will do a filler post with crazy stuff only I would like to scare everyone away.

If you need the economic stuff, the Must Read list is the very best out there. Who is hot as of late? The best three of this week (and who can pick really?) are:
-The Reformed Broker
-Zero Hedge
-The Housing Time Bomb

Make sure you stop by those places and all the rest. I will get caught up next week. If I come back.....

Swords, Sorcery, Magic, Fantasy. Yeah, I Like It
Back in the distant past when we both had to spark stones into hay to make fire and read books for entertainment I was a young addict for anything swords, sorcery, fantasy or magic in written form. I especially loved the whole "choose your own adventure" genre as it opened up new doors. I will share a few items this evening.

Wizards, Warriors, and You!
These books allowed you to serve King Arthur as either a Warrior or a Wizard. Both were cool but the Warrior did sport the Sword of the Golden Lion which had "Unbreakable" (EDIT: The blade reads "Forever") etched on the blade! Too cool.

I have copies of all the books now, and here a few covers pulled from the Internet:


Oh, the memories!

While those were great, the Lone Wolf Series of books were out of the world amazing to a young, fanciful Economic Disconnect!

Joe Dever wrote all the original "choose your own adventure" novels (Illustrated by Gary Chalk) and these books are true masterpieces all. I have a complete collection of original prints as well as a complete set (new editions by Mongoose Publishing) signed by the author himself and sold to me by none other than...Joe Dever! A real treat if you ask me.

A couple covers?:



Now who can forget the co-writer, John Grant (aka Paul Barnett). I have had email correspondence with Mr. Grant over time and he is a real person that loves sci-fi!

Mr. Grant was unleashed when he was able to pen the "Legends of Lone Wolf" series of novels which were the canon novel versions of the adventure books. These novels have some of the best writing I have ever read and you cannot think of them as you would the genre. Of course I have a complete first edition set. You don't?

Two Covers:


A sample? From the novel "The Sword of the Sun":
'And then the first fire of sun rose above the far horizon. A single shaft of dawn light came across the sea.
Lone Wolf stood, the Sommerswerd still stretched out towards the huge red tent.
The shaft of light touched the very tip of the sword.
Both Lone Wolf and the Sommerswerd became a statue carved out of incandescent white light.....
A thrust of lightning sprang from the Sommersword to the Darklord's tent. Thunder shattered the air. The tent vanished, and in it's place there was a great column of fire, expanding heavenwards.
All of the world seemed to howl with the anguish of Zagarna's death.....
And then there was rain - warm, gentle rain.
Lone Wolf sheathed the Sommerswerd, its light now only a subdued red glow, and cupped his hands to the rain.
He tasted the water once, and then again.
And then he fell.'

The novel "The Tides of Treachery" is a special effort as well.

Ok kids, time to go! Enjoy the weekend and I will be back next week.

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

Night all.

scharfy said...

I think you should do a blog post from the Bahamas just to taunt us...

Plus it would be 2010 *baller style* to blog from the Bahamas with $$$ made from the Government debasing $$$$$.

Kind of ironical.

TomOfTheNorth said...

Just sayin I like scharfys idea.....I now have a rapper name: T-Baller...... got a lot to say!

have a great trip, gysc!

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