Friday, October 15, 2010

Fuggedaboutit Friday

You know...Fuggedaboutit!

Crazy rain storm last night into this morning and now massive winds. I am not worried at all, I am still waiting for the monster generator I had installed to come into play should the power go out!

Oh yeah, take one second and check the picture from the last post and then vote in the poll at the top left. 2 votes??

Weekly Wrap Up
Another noisy day and I am tapped out on things economic. I chuckled when I saw these two Zero Hedge headlines back to back:
John Williams Warns Of "Severe And Violent Sell-Off In Stocks"
paired with:
The Empire Strikes Back: China Daily Warns About Currency War, Blames Dollar
I am assuming you all know the composer John Williams did all the music for the Star Wars films!

Anyways, if you want a great read today's best once again comes from The Automatic Earth with an essay titled:
QE 2 and the Nominal Man
Well worth a stop.

Fuggedaboutit Friday
I am going to step away from the not fun stuff and go for the fun stuff.

Now I have no idea if this is true but in this video (go to the 3:10 mark) you can see a guy fire a .40 caliber handgun into ice and the bullet stops and starts spinning in place! Has anyone ever done this? It seems real, and I guess the barrel rifling could cause the action but it is strange!

This is My Hometown

This sign used to read "Welcome to Spaghettiville" and was from a time when Prince Pasta was a huge employer in the area.

I was reading random stuff as I am prone to do and I came across a wonderful site that has many pictures of Economic Disconnect's childhood hometown! It was a great time to see all the old places. Mind you the Lowell of recent years is in much better shape than the Lowell of my youth. I would doubt anyone is interested but if you are the complete list of photos is here:
Photo Essays on Lowell, Massachusetts
You may like the sections:
Lowell Cemetery
Neighborhoods, Part 2
Oh, the memories!

Movie Clips
Some scenes from cinema to get you to go nuts for Netflix (NFLX) instead of just hitting a button on Comcast.

In an unlikely pairing, Tom Hanks foreshadowed how great an actor he would come to be accepted as in the film "Punchline" along with Sally Field. The movie is funny, sad, and moving on many levels and you would not regret taking a look:

The trailer is a bit focused on the funny parts, but there is much more.

Wow, I saw this on the side bar, Hanks fights The Fonz! Too funny.

I love Brad Pitt and if you see "Meet Joe Black" you may see what I am saying:

Boxing History
A couple fight scenes for the fans of the lost art.

In 1988 Marlon Starling was dominating his opponent, Tomas Molinares, through 6 rounds when the bell rang and all hell broke loose:

A punch which was way after the bell resulted in Starling first losing the title then the result changed to a no contest. Starling didn't bother to fight Molinares again and instead beat Lloyd Honeyghan to become champion once again. Molinares drifted off into nothingness.

In the next clip there are two important things to keep in mind:
-This fight was tied after 14 rounds and the heavyweight title was on the line. Both fighters knew they needed the 15th round.
-These are heavyweight fighters and this is the 15th ROUND!!!!:

Larry Holmes edges Ken Norton for the vacant WBC title and wins one of the most memorable heavyweight fights in history. Unreal to fight that hard that exhausted.

Rock Blogging
A special blog tonight as it is reader Watchtower's Birthday weekend! Happy Birthday my man! You have been here for so long and I do appreciate the company! I wish you all the best and hope you have a great weekend. Don't lose too much at the casino, you can always lose it in the markets! No one should be denied anything on their birthday, I live by that rule, so remind the wife of that fact, hee hee!

No, I cannot play the band that cannot be named (because they suck) but may I offer a better version:

Happy Birthday Watchtower!

So of course Watch's request leads the show. Let's go disco with Joe Tex and "Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Women)":

All women are gorgeous in my way of seeing things, but this song is all get out funny!

I can rely on Gawains to supply some rocking tunes! Here is "American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad, live as well!:

Nice pick live!

I beat the year rule by far so get rocking with Van Halens's sick as all get out "Panama":

Second only to "Atomic Punk" as their best song in my mind. Yeah we are getting a little bit hot tonight!

Ok, I obey the 1 year rule and then I break it! Sorry, but the new Guns N' Roses tune "Better" is stuck in my head for some reason!:

Not bad at all.

Another tune stuck on the brain is "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche:

Wow, just wow.

Ok, two to go! Only two, it's the rule of two!

I am now on the Lacuna Coil bandwagon (Thanks Mark!) so lets ride with "No Need to Explain":

So pretty!

Last call! A dream to some, a nightmare to others! (obscure reference!)

Closing the show with an 80's tune, because that's all that matters and you know it! Let's go back in time with Mr. Mister and "Kyrie":

He even talks about lasers and stuff!

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Thanks GYSC!

I thought the song was funny too, they used to play it on the radio quite a bit when it first came out.

But like you I think women of all sizes are beautiful in their own way.

I'm reminded of that scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis's girlfriend is talking about wanting a 'pot belly'.

She says something to the effect of (and I'm paraphrasing from a poor memory) "what is pleasing to the eye is not always pleasing to the touch", and to that I say I couldn't agree more.


Ilargi over at TAE said (which GYSC linked to):

"All those people who claim that QE doesn't work, that QE 1 didn’t, 2 won't, yada,yada, you don't get it. QE works like charm. Just not for you, or for the purpose it's advertised for."

Now here is something that I believe with no hesitation, wish every person in the US would go read Ilargi's post on this subject.

getyourselfconnected said...

could not have said it better myself! Have a great weekend!

If anyone has not read the TAE piece than I cannot help that.

Jake said...

not ready to jump back on the GNR bandwagon yet, but that wasn't nearly as painful (i.e. it kind of rocked) as i expected