Monday, October 11, 2010

Slow Monday

It was a muted day and the traffic was very light for the holiday. Not much news wise to go over so tonight will be more of the fun stuff.

Sunday Cookout
I did maybe my last large cook out on Sunday for friends of ours and their two boys. The youngest one (8 years old) came right in and made a bee line for the chess table and started setting up the pieces! He loves to play and luckily he is very good so it is not annoying to play with him. I squeaked out one game and maybe threw the second, I am a big softie after all!

I decided to try smoked chuck roast that would then be shredded for pulled beef. I bought two chuck roasts on Saturday. Cheap cuts of meat! They were about 4 pounds each.

I rubbed them up on Sunday with brown sugar, salt, and some rosemary leaves. I set up the Big Steel Keg for indirect cooking and aimed for a temperature of 250-275 degrees. I was having some temp control issues and could not keep the Keg from hitting 300-325 for the whole cook! Maybe the cooler air was really amping up the fire?

Here are the roasts all rubbed up:

I put them on the smoker at 9:30am with some apple wood for smoke, waited to make sure all was well, then headed out for grocery shopping. At about 12:30pm (3 hours) the internal temp was at 160 degrees. Here they are at that point:

Beef can dry out during smoking so I added a slice of bacon to the tops to drain down on the roasts. Bacon is good.

At this point I wrapped them tightly in foil and put them on the Keg for another 2 hours at 300 degrees. This step gets the meat very tender so it can be pulled easily. At 2:15 the internal temp was 200 degrees so I took them off and let them rest for a half an hour. I then pulled them apart using two forks and it was so tender it was falling apart. Here is the finished product ready for sandwiches:

A small dab of Sweet Baby Rays sauce and a hamburger roll and you are good to go! Everyone loved it and I was surprised it came out so well. The Keg must be idiot proof!

I brought a whole bunch into work for a friend of mine and her husband who loved smoked food. Enjoy guys!

Size Matters Not
Well, that's what Yoda said anyway. Where do you fall on this distribution chart?
Hee hee.

What Makes a Good Party?
You have to see this clip from Mississippi State College (I cannot embed it):
What Makes a Good Party
via Weird Universe.

For the Boxing Fans
Seems as if there are a few boxing lovers around!

From 1989.
Julian Jackson was one of the hardest punchers I have ever seen. Then the WBA junior middleweight champion he fought Terry Norris on ABC. I thought Norris would win this fight, and he had not been clipped with one of the biggest right hands of all time (skip to 4:50 mark and on) he might have:

WOW! Norris did end up becoming a world champion, but that shot was amazing.

Ha! Already interest! One more; how about Bernard Hopkins stopping Oscar De La Hoya with a killer body shot:

That hurts to watch!

Have a good night.


scharfy said...

Awesome. Julian Jackson = BEAST!

Gotta watch this highlight reel of G-man Mclellan (#27 Ring magazine puncher of all-time)

G-man and Jackson dueled twice.

Love the boxing stuff,,,

getyourselfconnected said...

Maybe I could start a boxing history blog? Glad you like it, I love this stuff as well.

getyourselfconnected said...

I also cannot find any tape of the Nigel Benn vs. Doug Dewitt fight and that one was a wild one.

Dave in Denver said...

Jeezus Christ that beef looks good. The hell with the boxing, it hurts to look at those beef pics and not be able to eat it!

I hope the Vikes can rally and beat the Jets tonight. I hate the Jets.

au soleil levant said...

The pulled beef looks great!

And how cute are you, letting the little boy beat you in chess. Awwwwww :)

getyourselfconnected said...

The Vikings cannot seem to figure out they have to RUN the ball! Its unreal to watch!

Yeah, maybe I let a game go! I am a pushover.