Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a Find!

As many of you know, I am a mega boxing fan. When I am not reading Wikipedia articles for hours, I tend to watch boxing matches on YouTube for hours. Almost any fight you can think of is stored there and it can be a real treat for an avid fight watcher. I actually used to have a huge VHS tape library of fights, then a DVD collection. Now I just watch them on YouTube. In case anyone is wondering I have no affiliation with YouTube, I just use the site!

So while I was watching a few fights this evening (Leonard vs Benitez, Pryor vs. Cervantes, McGuigan vs Pedrosa) I saw the following fight listed in the "related" side bar. What a find, and a real treat. From the late 1970's here is Thomas "The Motor City Cobra" Hearns vs Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor in an amateur title fight:

Pryor would win the decision, but the respect and class Hearns shows after the decision is yet another reason to love Hearns.

That was a great find!

Have a good night.

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scharfy said...

Pure gold.

What a find. Two true fighters.