Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Can I say Wednesday

Some serious progress has been made in the kitchen! Things are looking good and hopefully it will not be too much longer until completion. I did not think not having the kitchen was going to be such a hassle. Live and learn.

What Can I say Wednesday
If I had any motivation to write about things economic, here's what I would say in a nutshell.

-Boom Boom Bernanke said last week that state cutbacks were a possible issue for the "recovery". Well, from his lips to the Senate's ears:
$26 Billion in Aid to States to Pass Tomorrow
There, fixed it for you. Remember, the US can issue as much debt in it's own currency as it needs, the bond market funds nothing. Why this bill is not for $2600 Billion I have no idea, but I guess a slow bleed is better than a big bang. No worries, an extension should be ready by NFL opening weekend.

-Does your state have unemployed folks that are going to lose their homes? Not anymore:
Gov't OKs $600M in housing aid for 5 states
99 weeks of unemployment and a year mortgage free! No wonder everyone wants to live in the U.S. of Free.

Where's my handout? Where's my share of the redistribution pie?

-Zero Hedge wonders how this can happen:
Stocks surging; Bonds surging; Gold Surging...

But another article there reads:
And Scene: ICI Reports 13th Consecutive Week of Massive Domestic Equity Outflows As Banks Start To Panic
Money is running FROM equities and INTO bonds. The algos move the stock markets up, and hot money chases bonds higher (lower yields). What's hard?

All you really need to know about all the moral hazard, market dislocations, handouts, free rides, refusal to learn, and whatever else comes to mind can be explained by the simple graphic below (suggested by a friend of mine):

And yes, that is a rabbit with pancakes on its head. You are welcome.

Have a good night.


Lurker said...

My Friday night music pick is "Mad Love" by Linda Ronstadt.

getyourselfconnected said...

Now come on Lurker, did you even see the rabbit?

Lurker said...

Yeah. It's a good thing my cat didn't see the rabbit, or both the pancakes and the rabbit would be goners!

getyourselfconnected said...

Thanks, I was worried for a minute!

Kid Dynamite said...

"There, fixed it for you" love it.

that almost cheered me up from the depression I got into this evening after writing about the absurdity today. there's another story that will piss you off - you'll find it on my blog (subsidizing the press)... but that doesn't cut me 1/2 as much as the state bailouts... really really sick. and they'll hide behind the "what - you don't want teachers to lose their jobs, do you?" nonsense political rhetoric.

getyourselfconnected said...

I did see that story over at the site; I was going to comment but it both saddened me and made me think we are so much closer to state run press and all theat implies so I went with the rabbit picture instead.

WTF is going on and how come nobody cares?

TomOfTheNorth said...

99 weeks? Not anymore my friend! Youmust have missed this CBNC Exclusive Report:

CT-Hilltopper said...

That was a nice pic for my birthday!

A bunny with pancakes on its head.

Love it!

getyourselfconnected said...

Well I am adding a Birthday tribute right now girl!

Anonymous said...

A rabbit with pancakes on his head… does he work at I...Hop…?