Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Time Burner

Another weekend comes to a close. The wife is back and the trip went well. I did cook some marinated skirt steak tonight, but the memory card is full on the camera so no pictures this time. I used Stubbs Beef Marinade and let me tell you that stuff adds some serious bite!

On Legends and Folklore
My friend wrote about the legendary John Henry and included a cool Bruce Springsteen tune about him that I had never heard. Check it out if you like.

I am a huge fan of old legends and folklore. The best book I have on these things is a Readers Digest hardcover which spans the entire range of American lore. I was surprised to see a few available on Amazon, this book is pretty cool.

Some great tidbits:
-The Mezcla Man
-Captain Kidd and Screechams Island
-Old Stormalong
-Plenty on Billy the Kid, Sam Bass, and Wyatt Earp
The book has tons more, but those stand out to me.

Let's have a little fun with legendary themed things!

In the Highlander series episode "Homeland" Macleod returns home to Scotland to confront an ancient enemy. One of the very best episodes that was made. At the 3:00 minute mark of this clip we find out that sometimes the legends are true:

Very nice.

After the "No Mas" debacle in his second fight against Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran was struggling. Given an opportunity to fight undefeated WBA Junior Middleweight champion Davey Moore, Duran reclaimed his legendary status with a brutal performance. The fight was in Madison Square Garden in New York and Moore was from the Bronx, but listen to that crowd cheer for Duran (skip ahead to the 3:00 minute mark):

That crowd noise still gets me excited!

Do the Peralta Stones hold the final answer for the hidden gold in the Superstition Mountains?:


The legend of Keyser Soze:

I want a pay per view match between Soze and Anton Chigurh. I will go with Anton!

How about the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?:

Artists rendering of Darth Plagueis here watching his apprentice practicing.

There is always the Legend of Billie Jean.

What about Legends of the Fall?

Of course some ancient lore should never be awakened. Gandalf fights Balrog but maybe one of the most fitting songs for a film ever and also one of the most beautiful is Gandalf Falls.

Ok, time to close up the shop.

I cannot embed this video for some reason, but there is evidence that this scene from "Young Guns" is mostly true in that Billy the Kid removed bullets from a mans gun so that he could get an edge. Enjoy!

Have a good night.

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