Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rained Out

It has been raining pretty heavy the past two days which means two things:
-It's wet outside
-Massachusetts drivers park their cars on all the major highways

Thus I am home way late and have no time to write anything worthwile. This is good as you get to save 5 minutes of your life and I get to dig into the second half of American Apocalypse II; Refuge written by Nova of the Calculated Risk comments section fame. I read half last night and this sequel has really been excellent and I hope to finish tonight.

Rain Drops
A couple of blurbs.

-Former Minyanville regular Mr. Practical had a rare item up today that is a must read:
We're All in a Race to the Bottom
This guy is one of the very best out there.

-I did have a whole post outlined in my mind that was built on this Paul Krugman item:
Krugman or Paulson: Who You Gonna Bet On?
Krugman is happy to point out Paulson saw a recovery on the way while The Krugmonster just knew the stimulus was too puny to work. My article was to be centered around the idea that Krugmonster thought the stimulus measures were too small by a factor of 3 or 4X. If he is so right then should there not have been a structural recovery in housing, unemployment, etc only 3X smaller than he would have thought? As there has been no such thing, how does the Nobel winner explain this?

-Final item concerns robots once again. I find it funny that when I said the next bubble was to be in robots, I was all alone. Well here is another serving:
NASA Tests First Cylon
A new human like robot to assist in space walks. Just don't put him in charge of the bay doors whatever you do!

In a while when over investment in robotics blows up I fully expect to be remembered as a predictive luminary like Nostradamus and Joe Namath. Fear not, we can stash a couple of robots in all the empty houses to perform maintenance to keep the paper value of the homes inflated. Word of caution to all squatters; here is the future of empty in-home robotic security:

Have a good night.


CT-Hilltopper said...

Point A: Krugman is a moron. Just because a group of elitist Swedes pulled his name out of a hat one year and awarded him a Nobel prize for economics (like there is anything so nobel about economics. What are they doing except discussing ways for us to go broke faster.)does not make him any more intelligent about economics than the two of us (which he proves frequently in his boring, rambling blog).

My most favoritest dream of all time is that a missile comes out of the blue and nukes both Krugman and Oblahma's Press Secretary out of existence at the same time. The would would not miss their presence.

Second: My request for friday night.

It's no good by Depeche Mode.

getyourselfconnected said...

Rocking pick C-T! Good to see you. Tell me how you really feel. I hope "The Krugmonster" goes mainsream, I really like that one.

Audrina said...

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Anonymous said...

GYSC - did that NASA cylon freak you out a bit? It sure did for me. Seriously, whats with the upper body - why make him (it) so "ripped"!!!

Anonymous said...

"If he is so right then should there not have been a structural recovery in housing, unemployment, etc only 3X smaller than he would have thought? As there has been no such thing, how does the Nobel winner explain this?"

Just playing devils advocate here, but couldnt he just point to a change in the slope of the curve (i.e. it tried to go positive, but didnt because not enough $$$)?

I have often wondered, what would happen if they were so determined to beat deflation, they handed out checks of $10 million directly to each man woman and child? If that wasnt enough (i.e. if they still hoarded it, why not make it $100 million).

Presumably, you would see every graph rocket straight upward and use this as proof that capital injections "work". Of course, there would be hyperinflation, possibly a war with China, etc, etc. but hey, at least it proved that you can defeat deflation if you really really want to!!!

watchtower said...

Is it too late to get a request in for Friday Night Entertainment?

If not, would you consider Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band's song 'Candy's Room'?

scharfy said...

Before Krugman became a talking head for the left he was a pretty sharp economist.

The Myth of Asia's Miracle Sharp quick read for anyone interested...

Friday night request: Huey Lewis: walking on a thin line. (this version is a pretty cool tribute to the troops)

Good posting as of late Mr Disconnect!

(see how I suck up when it comes time to request songs!!!!)

Anonymous said...

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