Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday Toast

Hello all!

I wanted to send out my Happy Thanksgiving this morning to everyone that may see it. It certainly has been a wild year and it seems more action will ensue before the calendar rolls into 2010. Wasn't 2010 the year we were supposed to make contact? Well at least we found water on the Moon and probably on Mars, so we are a bit behind schedule.

I get a reputation as being a perma-bear, a doom and gloomer, or an eternal pessimist. I really do not see it that way. I believe in America, and most of all in Americans. Maybe not the upper crust big money folks that always seem to find their way into the highest halls of government, but the everyday average American. Most folks do the best they can for their families and all they want is a fair deal with reward for their efforts. It is here that I think America can be doing MUCH better and the target of this blog are those things that would impede the efforts of normal people all over the country.

Over the last year Economic Disconnect has made it onto the compilation site Seeking Alpha and that was a wonderful boost both to readership and my own moral. I was able to either meet or have valuable correspondence with Mark from Illusion of Prosperity, Jeff from The Housing Time Bomb, Lisa (on hiatus) from Capitalist Preservation, Ilargi from The Automatic Earth, C-T from We are Screwn, Dave from The Golden Truth, and Kevin Depew of Minyanville. I have appreciated all the time and patience everyone has for me!

When are we going to have a huge Blogger party? A fun place like Las Vegas or Atlantic City would be great. Maybe we could have a big Blogger Poker Tournament (do not invite Kid Dynamite, he is a shark!) and walk around with funny name tags like "I am Economic Disconnect" or whatever. I think it could be fun, though we may have to ration the booze!

Anyways, here is the Wikipedia entry for the holiday:

You may want to make sure this does not happen to your turkey meal:

Too funny!

All My Best


Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear! My hiatus should be over soon :) Just working to keep the socialist foxes away from the capitalist henhouse. I'm thankful today for you and all the other patriot bloggers. You guys are heroes, keeping the information flowing and telling the truth.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the commenters here, as well. ('specially Gawains, my sweetie)

getyourselfconnected said...

Hey Lisa!

Glad to see you too. Special thanks for a great luch this summer. Gawians may be too busy sicking needles in an Oakland Raider doll to post!

Dubai, Greece, Ukraine it is all hitting the fan today. Now comes the "whose bad debt is least bad" race so expect the US to get some good spin. Of course what the difference is between Phoenix condos and empty malls in the US and empty palm tree shaped islands in Dubai is lost on me, but I am not drunk as yet. Try back around 4pm.

getyourselfconnected said...

All right, I need to get away from the computer now for the coming guests. I will check in later this evening. Have a great time.

GawainsGhost said...

I don't believe in voodoo. But even if I did, I don't have a Raiders doll to poke needles in.

Still, I am very worried about this game. It has trap written all over it.

None of my relatives came down for Thanksgiving, which is fine by me. I like peace and quiet, along with a couple of days off.

But that didn't stop my mother from buying a turkey and all the fixings for dressing, sweet potatoes, Waldorf salad, and ambrosia. Like the two of us can eat all that.

I had told her that since it was only going to be the two of us, we should have cornish game hens or a baked chicken. You know, something light. But no. So this morning, when she started cooking (this really is the only day on which she actually cooks), I told her, "A famous philosopher once said, 'Tradition is what we resort to when we're too tired to think.'"

She plans to eat at about 12:30. Good grief. The game doesn't even start until 3:15. Couldn't you plan the meal for sometime around that? No.

So I'm about to eat a bunch of turkey and struggle to stay awake until kickoff. I'm not about to fall asleep during the game, but I am a little worried about staying awake until the game.

The Raiders. These guys are really starting to bother me, get on my nerves. They play good defense, and their offense is responding to the new quarterback, Gradkowski. If Dallas overlooks them, they could easily lose this game. Especially if the Cowboys continue to run the ball between the 20s, miss field goals, drop passes, and fail to score until the final minutes.

Sigh. Cowboys football. I love it, I live it. And it's about to drive me insane. Play like men! Run the ball! Win! Not.

This is the Super Bowl for Oakland. Let's get real serious here. The Raiders don't care if they lose every other game on the schedule, but to beat the Cowboys at home on Thanksgiving in front of a national audience, that would salvage their season.

Anyway, as far as a Bloggers' get together goes, I been to a few of those. Back when I started posting on the original DC website as The Soothsayer, I developed quite a following. So when they all wanted to get together, I suggested the New England game in 07. About 30 people showed up, and it was quite interesting to put faces to screen names. A great time was had by all.

Last year's get together wasn't anywhere near as successful. In fact, it was a total disaster. Too many competing agendas, conflicting personalities, that sort of thing. This year's was a little better, but not much. I'm not so sure I'm going to next year's after that.

It all depends on what you want to do. If you want to meet, get together, have a nice dinner, and talk, that's one thing. But bear in mind that everyone has their own plans for their vacation and their own expense account. So coordination is the key.

If you want to meet, get together, have a nice dinner, talk, and go to a football game, that's something else entirely. It's a lot harder to coordinate.

Me, I just want to go to a game and have a good time. I'm not too wild about travelling to some place just so I can meet people I only know on the web. Too much money, too little reward.

Keep that in mind, GYC.

Stagflationary Mark said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

getyourselfconnected said...

"Me, I just want to go to a game and have a good time. I'm not too wild about travelling to some place just so I can meet people I only know on the web. Too much money, too little reward."
Geez Gawains where is your holiday/blogger spirit!? At least Dallas is smoking the Raiders. You are a rough fan!

Besides, not too much talking over a poker game, and drinks tend to smooth out political talks.

Also, Mark can pay for it all, he did invent HAlO 3 after all! HA

watchtower said...

'Dubai crisis jolts markets, but early fears ease'

By STEVENSON JACOBS, AP Business Writer Stevenson Jacobs, Ap Business Writer – 2 mins ago
NEW YORK – "Dubai's debt crisis rattled world financial markets Friday, raising concerns that some banks could further tighten lending and hamper the global economic recovery."

getyourselfconnected said...

it looks like the Dubai story is yet another no big deal to anyone. I will have a post on this up later.

watchtower said...

I'm starting to think we could have a limited nuclear engagement and it would be shrugged off.