Sunday, November 1, 2009

Contest Results and Week 8 NFL Recap

It is a total rip off that there will not be an NFL Sunday Night game tonight. I guess they leave tonight off because the World Series is on, but I hate baseball!

Halloween Contest Results
Not many guesses were mailed in, but reader Street Dog made his count with a 100% correct entry! I was amazed about a couple he was able to come up with. Street Dog has his choice of the listed prizes form the contest, so let me know.

The answers:
Item #1: "The Exorcist"
Item #2: The Cube from "Hellraiser"
Item #3: The house from "Amityville Horror"
Item #4: "Hip to be Square" was featured in "American Psycho" starring Christian Bale before he became Batman
Item #5: The huge ghost near the end of the film "Poltergeist"
Item #6: "Do You Hear What I Hear" was playing in the mall scene of "Gremlins" and this was an obscure reference big time!
Item #7: Quote is from Newt in "Aliens"
Item #8: Asbestos removal was a central plot piece in the film "Session 9"
Bonus: I thought I may have screwed this up, but a quick Wiki shows:
"In Tennessee, Lecter toys with Senator Martin briefly, enjoying the woman's anguish, but eventually gives her some information about Buffalo Bill: his name is William "Billy" Rubin, and he has suffered from elephant ivory anthrax, a knifemaker's disease. He also provides an accurate physical description. The information is a red herring: bilirubin is a pigment in human bile and a chief coloring agent in human excrement, which the forensic lab compare to the color of Chilton's hair."
While not an anagram, it is a play on words.

Hope this was somewhat fun.

NFL Week 8 Recap
There are still a few games on, but all the important ones were at 1pm.

Baltimore Ravens 30, Denver Broncos 7
The Ravens finally put together a full game and beat the Broncos for Denver's first loss. The Raven defense was tight, and QB Joe Flacco had a big day. The Ravens play a huge game against the Bengals next week, and the Broncos host the defending champion Steelers next Monday night.

Philadelphia Eagles 40, New York Giants 17
A total dismantling of the Giants. Eli Manning is looking pretty bad and the New York defense has some serious issues. This is the Eagles first win against the Giants in the regular season in over 2 years. This sets up a monster clash next week between the Eagles and the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys 38, Seattle Seahawks 17
The Cowboys have quietly turned their season around and are playing good football in all areas. The defense today was good and on offense Dallas really seems to have hit their stride. Huge game next week vs. Philadelphia for 1st place in the NFC East. How good are Miles Austin and Demarcus Ware?

Indianapolis Colts 18, San Francisco 49ers 14
An inspired effort by the young San Fran team, but they come up short. Peyton Manning is just pure evil! The 49ers will be much better as their young core get experience. The Colts continue to win and look to be the AFC's top team.

Miami Dolphins 30, New York Jets 25
Miami had played in the weirdest, wildest games I can remember. The crazy time of possession game against the Colts that they lost, the blowing of a huge lead against the Saints, and then today as they post 104 TOTAL YARDS on offense for the game, but still score 30 points and hang on to sweep the Jets. The two kickoff returns for touchdowns were amazing. What to make of the Jets? It is hard to say. Great defense but a very limited offense at this point. Maybe they are not going to the Superbowl, right Tom Jackson?

In other action:
-The Texans come from behind to beat the Bills
-St. Louis wins their first game against the equally terrible Detroit Lions
-The Bears blow away the Browns
-Late games include Brett Favre's return to Green Bay, the Cards and the Panthers, and the Raiders and Chargers.

Tomorrow night is the Saints and the Falcons mixing it up. I do not see how the Falcons can slow the Saints down enough to win.

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

This is pretty funny:
"By an incredible 61% to 14% margin, more people believe scientists will discover life in outer space than believe the current healthcare plan won’t add a penny to the deficit."

Pretty good!

Dave in Denver said...

Dude. I remembered the 1st one was Exorcist rather than Halloween when I was thinking about it late last night. For some reason I had remember #5 was Poltergeist this morning. I've never seen Poltergeist start to finish in one sitting. But I did get 2 out of 8. Not bad for someone who doesn't watch many horror flicks.

I also called the 49er's to cover today, which they did. I am not betting it, but I think the Falcons will surprise cover tomorrow night.

Looks like I'm going to have to pony up for the NFL network for Thursday's game.