Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Notes on the Day

Home a bit late so just a couple of notes.

Sad Times for the Silverdome
In an example of what happens with monster government run spending projects, the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit today was sold at auction for $583,000. I did not miss a zero, I swear!:
Silverdome sale price disappoints
Pontiac officials wanted more than $583K for stadium

The Silverdome consumed $55 million dollars to build, and it sells for quite the discount.

Wiki fact on the Silverdome:
The largest crowd was on March 29, 1987 for Wrestle Mania III, with a reported attendance of 93,173.

Another Informative Gold Chart
As of late there has been plenty of coverage of gold priced in Euros, dollars and many other variants. How about gold priced in gold, how does that hold up? Paul Kedrosky and Barry Ritholtz do all the hard work and present this graph:

Hat tip to Kid Dynamite!

About that New Jobs Creation Plan
With a new jobs creation plan set to be put in place soon, I would argue that it may make sense to figure out where all the money from other plans for jobs went first. How about fictional districts?:
Exclusive: Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist
One of my many issues with the Keynesian sort is that their models assume government spending will actually be legitimate and not full of fraud and theft. Well, maybe they do count on that!

Have a good night.


sedentary state said...

>The largest crowd was on March 29, 1987 for Wrestle Mania III...

Maybe that was part of the problem.

watchtower said...

When are we going to see a 'gold priced in toilet paper' chart?
Oops, wrong site : )

I can't believe the Silverdome went for a half mil, not too shabby for Michigan...OK, maybe that was in poor taste.

getyourselfconnected said...

thats just mean! Funny, but mean.

I will put in a request with Mark for that chart.

Dave in Denver said...

Make sure you read this guy's commentary. I agree with everything he puts forth:


watchtower said...

Dave in Denver I hope you don't mind but I TinyURL'ed your link so that it would fit:


It was interesting.

Stagflationary Mark said...

From 2007...

Gasoline Price (Gasoline Price Adjusted)


"In summary, it is my belief that if you hoard one gallon of gasoline now and keep it fresh (not always easy since gasoline tends to go very bad over time), that you will have something worth one gallon of gasoline in the distant future. I think the chart backs this theory."

Mwuhahaha! *evil laugh* ;)