Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday NFL Week 5 Wrap Up

About as annoying a football day as you can have, but anyways....

Sunday NFL Wrap Up
Quick summary of the days games.

-The Bengals are now firmly in control of the AFC central division. The AFC Central has both the Ravens and the Steelers. Yes, you read that right.

-Dallas is the most puzzling team in the league.

-The Raiders should just not play this season, its almost painful to watch them struggle.

-Is Atlanta that good? Hard to tell, but the 49er's took a step down after getting blown out.

-Arizona pulled one out and now are a player again in the NFC west.

-What happened to Jacksonville?

-People are actually picking the Titans tonight against the Colts! That game will be over by the half.

-I told you the Saints would not lose today!

-How long until Terrell Owens blows his top in Buffalo? Counting down, 3-2-1....

I will close with my thoughts on the New England vs Denver game.
-I am always struck at how teams react when they beat the Patriots. It is like every one's Superbowl.

-I can sum up the major issue facing New England right now. Tom Brady is not the same player he was. I do not mean in 2007, obviously that year was a crazy offensive display, I mean before that. Brady is missing open receivers and not by small margins, he is missing wildly. The Patriots left at least 14 points on the sidelines as Brady wildly over threw a wide open Randy Moss (on a broken coverage) for a sure touchdown and threw a bullet pass into Wes Welker's ankle in the 4th quarter on the exact match up the Patriots wanted all day would have been a long TD score. Welker was wide open.

At this point, Tom Brady is a liability more than an asset. He is really struggling and instead of getting better he is yelling and complaining. It kills me to write this tonight, but it is true.

Can the Pats turn it around? I have no idea. The defense actually does not suck, but the offense will be hard pressed to score over 20 points this year (unless they play the Raiders). Really troubling to see the state of things. 8-8 is not out of the question for this team this year. Plenty to think about.

What about the Broncos? When Jay Cutler left and Denver got Kyle Orton, I thought the move was a huge mistake. I was wrong. Orton loves the Denver offense and he fits it better than Cutler would have. Their defense is pretty good as well. A solid win today, the Patriots issues notwithstanding.

Already looking ahead to next weeks New York Giants visit to the New Orleans Saints.

Have a good night.


GawainsGhost said...

Yes, Dallas is the most puzzling team in the league. Has been for some time now. They're a very frustrating team to follow.

There was a lot of ugly in this game today, and frankly the Cowboys did not deserve to win. The Chiefs should have gone for two and the victory, instead of one and the tie. The outcome might not have changed, but then again it might have.

One man won this game, Miles Austin. This guy has been hanging around for four or five years, not doing anything to distinguish himself. Then he gets his first start, because Roy Williams is injured, and Austin goes for 250 yards, breaks the franchise record for receiving yards set by Bob Hayes 45 years ago, and wins the game. Are you freaking kidding me?

The Cowboys needed this victory in the worst way, even though they didn't deserve it. If they continue to play as they have recently, they aren't going to win many games against the better teams in the league. The real test will be against Atlanta after the bye week. I'm going to that game, but I'm not real confident in a victory.

We didn't get the New England game down here, but I saw some of the highlights. The Broncos are for real. It's amazing what McDaniels has done with that team. And Nolan will be a head coach somewhere next year. Hopefully in Dallas.

I wouldn't get so down on Brady though, GYC. Yeah, he's struggling, but it's tough to come off an injury like he had, especially after a year away from the game. And really it's more of a team thing. The Patriots are missing the veteran talent they traded or released. It takes time to regain the winning mentality. I have no idea how their season will go, but I wouldn't count them out at this point.

getyourselfconnected said...

I was of the "do not count them out" mindset, but today the Pats threw away a game they where clearly dominating. If you cannot win when you have every chance to, you are a mid level team. Congrats to Denver, but I think they may find the second part of the season not so favorable as the first.

I think Maroney and Barber are both busts in th NFL. Austin was unreal today and should get the start. Whats better than a Texas team with a RB named "Austin"?

CT-Hilltopper said...

Not football but...


I hope they do as well against the Angels as they did the Twins.

I watched the Colts/Titans game. The Titan's quarterback did not have a good game. Ugh!