Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Night Extra Point

I have some down time and though I would rite a small NFL/Random post.

NFL Week 7 Preview
This week the NFL slows down it monster game weekend marathon and there are only a few big games. Still, this year is going to be so close at the end, I think 11-5 may be needed to grab a wild card spot. Every game, every week is huge. What I am thinking:

-The Patriots will beat the Bucs in England. The Bucs at this point are just too weak to beat even the Patriots of the early season. The question here will be was last weeks games against the Titans (no secondary players that were not rookie fill ins) an aberration, or are the Patriots finally in sync on offense?

-The day's biggest game is the Vikings travelling to play the Steelers. So far the Vikings have been winning close games on the arm of Brett Favre, but running Adrian Peterson has to come back at some point for the Vikes to win against the big teams. The Steelers get Troy Palomalu back on Sunday, though he will not be 100%. The lift the return of the #1 safety in the league should be enough for the Steelers to give the Vikings their first loss of the year.

-The Saints are hot. Beating the Giants was huge for the team. On Sunday they travel to Miami and play the Dolphins who have been chomping at the bit to play after their bye week. This is the upset special of the week and think Miami runs the ball all over the place and a Drew Brees late game comeback is foiled. Not a huge deal for the Saints, this game is non-conference and getting the undefeated tag off your name can help.

-Can the Raiders put together 2 inspired performances in a row and beat the Jets? Nope.

-The Colts play the Rams? Is that fair?

-The Cowboys have a chance to rescue their season if they can beat the Falcons. This is a defining game for the Cowboys against a quality opponent. The Falcons have been hot, but I think Dallas pulls this game out.

-The Cardinals visit the Giants and I think the G-men are going to be very ready to go all out against a pure passing team. If the Cardinals can block the Giants defensive line, they can attack the weak secondary. They will not block the line and the Giants blow them out big.

-There are a few other games, but nothing too interesting. Are you ready for some football?

Random Items
A few pictures.

Burns Cliff, a desert rocky outcropping on Mars:

Portsmouth Square San Francisco circa 1851:


Las Medulas, the Roman gold mine:

Roman aqueduct in Germany, amazing technology:

Holes in the ground at Yucca Flat Nuclear Test site Nevada:

Have a good night.


getyourselfconnected said...

Hello Out There!

watchtower said...

Sorry GYSC, my brother came home with a 1970 Pontiac Firebird and we have been working on it steady for the past two days.
It's in much better shape than the 72 Firebird he already had and we think there might actually be hope of getting this one going (the frame rails and floorpan are not rusted out, yea!!!).
Beautiful weather here plus a new toy to work on equals a mind that's not thinking too much about financal matters I guess.
Looks like your Patriots won today, congrats!

getyourselfconnected said...

dont mind me, I just get lonely with no one to gab with!

Pats win big, Saints doing all they can to lose!

W said...


The Saints are just bored and let the fins run up the score in order to practice their 4th quarter game.