Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Weekly Close

Many thanks to reader Sedentary State who pointed me to the perfect item to clean up the acorn mess in the front yard. I will have to make sure I buy one, I hope a store around here has one. The benefit of reader comments never ends!

Random Musing Ripoff
Tonight I am a bit worn out from a busy work week. As such, instead of a unified essay I am going to blatantly rip off Todd Harrison of Minyanville and his format of "Randoms" which is a list of various ideas, questions, and observations Mr. Harrison has at any given time. You could say this is a window into my mind, so be advised it may be a strange trip!

-Plenty of gold bugs advise not putting gold in a safety deposit box in case the government chooses to take it in the future. I always wonder about placing gold holdings on a home owner insurance policy as this would provide a clear paper file on what you held anyway

-The "New Economy" does not need jobs for an economic recovery, its different this time

-Many smart people keep saying that multiples expand in an environment of low rates. Rates have been at all time lows for a long time, why are multiples expanding bigger than ever right at this moment? Were low rates not "priced in" already?

-I respect chart type market players, but I am getting sick of all these lines and counts that show a huge (30% or more) move down in the indices beginning any day now. Come on.

-Zero Hedge and Karl Denninger say the FED's 30 minute turnaround buy of agency paper is clearly evil. Accrued Interest says it is just coincidence. I hate it when smart people see the same thing so differently

-On that note, was consumer credit down in August? Ask Econompic and Credit Wrtedowns and the answer is clearly "not sure"

-What does it mean when we cannot even agree on data that is pure numbers?

-Peter Schiff says Gold is going to $5000 as the dollar falls apart. I say if gold is at $5000 in the next 2 years gold holders are not going to be as happy with the state of things as they may think

-Of course gold holders will be more happy than people with no gold

-Yes I am a gold and silver bull, but it is not all roses should it pan out

-I can guarantee the New Orleans Saints will not lose this weekend

-I wish I could guarantee victory next weekend!

-40% or respondents said they clicked zero banner ads, and 40% said they did 1-5 ads in the past year. I have clicked on about 1-5 as well, but if those numbers are true across the board then I wish they would just get rid of the things

-What the hell is "Evony" anyways?

-Why does beer from a bottle taste SO MUCH BETTER than beer in a can or aluminum bottle?

-Remember Coca Cola in bottles? It tasted better too

-I will go long glass I think

-Who knew Iridium held the key to the Dinosaur extinction?

-Is it unhealthy to read 2 books in 3 nights?

-Wikipedia should be a regulated substance and treated as highly dangerous

That should do it.

Friday Night Entertainment
My favorite part of the week, the kickoff to the weekend and a fun start on Friday night.

Comic Relief
Courtesy of the always hilarious Fail Blog:
Great suspect description:
epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails

There is always one of these kinds of kids in school:
epic fail pictures
see more Epic Fails

Film Clips
A sampling of film clips to perhaps motivate you to check one out.

One of my favorite films is "Glory" starring many top line names (Mathew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman). Enjoy this scene when the black soldiers refuse to take a lower pay than regular soldiers, and their commander follows them:

Give em Hell 54th!!

A new age classic, "No Country for Old Men" has many scenes that I think will live on well into the future. Enjoy a chilling scene with the always terrifying Anton Chigurgh (played by Javier Bardem):

Rock Blogging and a Personal Request
I am told that as we mature we move forward in our development. Something like that anyways. As I get older I find myself regressing! I was thinking about when Mtv used to have "Friday Night Video Fights" where two videos were set against each other and you could call in to vote (for only $1 a call!). At the end of the night the results were posted and the winning video shown. It was plenty of fun.

My request to the readers is to submit your favorite song/video over the next few days. Next Friday I will select 16 videos to duke it out over the next few weeks in head to head matchups. At the end, the best (as voted on by the readers) video will win the championship. If this is well received I will extend the tourney further. Anyone interested? Start leaving video nominations in the comments.

That said, let us begin the musical send off!

Leading off with a throw back, enjoy Thurston Harris and "Little Bitty Pretty One". Major bonus of a blog shout out to the reader than can identify the film that uses this song in a very scary scene. Only hint, I have featured the film many times here on the site:

By a personally relayed request (yes, there are about 5 people that know who Economic Disconnect is in real life!) is some Alice in Chains unplugged. I picked "Down in a Hole" because the song is so moving. The lyrics hurt. The sound is amazing. Add to this, soon after this performance the lead singer died from a drug overdose. Sadly his struggle was a clear losing endeavor for a long time:

That song hurts.

I had this one on about 6 months ago, but I have to admit, after finding it I have been playing it all the time! I absolutely love this live version of "Harden my Heart" by Quarterflash:

Of course, now I am on a "all live" kick!

Raise your lighters and grab a girl for Dokken and "Alone Again" live from Philadelphia (this video loads very slowly for some reason, but worth the wait):

Last call!

Am I alone in the fact that later I will sit down, load all the music, and listen to it for a while before bed? I am? Well, forget it then.

Closing the show. Will it be Ozzy (not again you say!), some stupid country song (come on, I like country), some wild movie tune (gee tough crowd!).

I end the night with a top 10 favorite song of this author. Please enjoy (I am sure you know the song) Simon and Garfunkel with "The Boxer":

Maybe one of the greatest somgs ever written and performed.

Have a good night.


watchtower said...

Those two 'Fail' pics are hilarious!

My favorite scene in 'Glory' is where Matthew Broderick's character is getting ready for the charge on Ft Wagner, especially when he sends his horse off, you just knew he wasn't coming back after that.

My favorite video/song pick is Billy Idol's 'Dancing With Myself'

"Remember Coca Cola in bottles? It tasted better too"

It also tasted better when it was made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

CT-Hilltopper said...

I know your wife loves Dave Gahan (or at least she loves Depeche Mode).

Layne Staley's drug addiction went on the same time as Dave Gahan's. Gahan was addicted also, and longed to be in a "real" rock band like AIC during the depth of his addiction, so he hung out with Staley a lot.

Not that I'm blaming Staley for Gahan's addiction. Gahan was addicted to heroin for 13 years.

It's just a nine degrees of separation type of thing.

getyourselfconnected said...

the FAIL blog is fun, but you have to seek out the WIN posts which are almost illegal funny.

First selection is "Dancing with Myself" and a fine one at that. Great choice.

My wife has special permision if Dave Gahan ever seeks to be with her, she is free to go. I have the same clearence for Lil Kim (please call dear!!).

That said, no one can blame anyone else for thier own problems. I remember a Rolling Stone interview with AIC lead singer 3 months before he died, and he admitted he was bent on going to the end no matter what.

Gladly, Depeche Mode has recovered and if you find my posts on their live show, as good as always.

Sometimes you have to let people go to their natural end. They may change, but then they would be someone else. Sad, but true.

OK, we need an uplifting comment!

Lisa said...

Just one thing, I too am sick of charts and lines (drawn and redrawn), Elliot counts (and recounted), and crystal ball predictions. But, most of the ones I see show parabolic moves to old highs of 2007. As if nothing ever happened, everything is fine. Not seeing many charts predicting sideways grinding action. Everyone knows exactly whats going to happen next lol Fact is, we don't have a clue, because what is happening now has NEVER happened before. EVER. The wheels have come off, and we're tumbling in space. Have a great weekend fellow space travelers.

Jeff said...


Too funny.

I never talk about it but I LOVE the fail blog.

Me and a friend read it everyday and lauch our asses off.

That's a must read blog when you want to escape reality!

watchtower said...

(smack talk on)
No one else is going to submit a request to my 'Idol' challenge?
Could it be that I have picked the most 'wicked bad' vid/song in the universe and there is no need to even try to outdo Mr. 'Whiplash Smile'?
(smack talk off)

getyourselfconnected said...

It would seem your choice is too strong! Maybe some others will throw one out over the next fe days, if not I will fill in the field.

You are right, many seem to be pointing towards a big move down, but can it really happen?

The FAIL blog rules, I check it every day as well.

Dave in Denver said...

gyc: I thought we'd be flinging more poo at each other this week ahead of the Broncos/Pats clash Sunday LOL. I got Denver and the points, in a game in which I think the teacher gets a lesson from the student in defense and ball control...

Thought for the weekend: I vividly remember sitting in the old Mile High Stadium with my father watching Denver play against Jim Plunkett and the Pats I don't remember who won, I remember Plunket connecting on some long throws - that was a LOOOOOONG time ago...

Patriots have played Denver more than any other non-division team. Just saw that statistic.

getyourselfconnected said...

indeed the Pats and the Broncos have a LONG history. I remember a game (I think it was in 1987 or 1988, not sure) and I was over my uncles house. He LOVES the Pats, but I was a huge John Elway fan. The Pats got 2 touchdowns fast and my u ncle was gloating. I just waited patiently as Elway led them back for the win. My uncle was pissed.

Sunday's game has plenty of interesting lines. McDaniel obviously knowws a ton about the Patriots offense, but then New England must undertand his offense greatly as well. Denver has surprised me so far. I would go with the Patriots except that the game is at Mile High where the Pats record is just terrible.

GawainsGhost said...

Well, since you asked, GYC, one of my favorite videos is "Don't Do It" by the Band. But not the version from The Last Waltz, which is cut short.

Some interesting matchups this week. New England at Denver should be a game. Nolan has done wonders with the Broncos defense, and McDaniels is a surprisingly good coach. Mile High is a difficult stadium to play in, but I wouldn't bet against Belichick and Brady. I think it will be a close game. The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win.

As for Dallas at Kansas City, I'm getting more and more worried about this game. The Cowboys are banged up and not playing well on offense at all. Romo is regressing, and Garrett is way too predictable. It wouldn't surprise me if the Chiefs pull off an upset. They're a better team than their record indicates, whereas the Cowboys are not.

If Dallas does lose, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth at Valley Ranch.

Anonymous said...

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